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Katie Couric With Robert Deniro And Bradley Cooper

Katie Couric And Bradley Cooper

Of all the buzz-worthy movies this awards season, perhaps no film is getting more attention than "Silver Linings Playbook," and on Monday's Katie, spend an hour with the men behind this hit film! Katie Couric talks to Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, both nominated for an Oscar for their performances, as well as director David O. Russell, also nominated. You'll see plenty of laughs, and even some tears from these Hollywood heavyweights, including a compelling conversation about mental illness and how we treat it in this country.

Cooper opens up to Katie about his newly single status, who he's taking as his date to the Academy Awards, and what it's like to have his love life splashed across the tabloids, plus she surprises him with one of the people who helped shape his acting career. You'll see Cooper and De Niro moved to tears in a rare moment as Russell opens up about the challenges of raising a son who suffers from mood disorder. Moved by Russell's words describing his love for his son, Cooper and De Niro reveal their own deep personal connections to “Silver Linings Playbook.” Also, Patrick J. Kennedy, the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and a mental health advocate also joins the discussion. 

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