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Saturday, February 02, 2013



Katie Couric With Robert Deniro And Bradley Cooper

Katie Couric And Bradley Cooper

Of all the buzz-worthy movies this awards season, perhaps no film is getting more attention than "Silver Linings Playbook," and on Monday's Katie, spend an hour with the men behind this hit film! Katie Couric talks to Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, both nominated for an Oscar for their performances, as well as director David O. Russell, also nominated. You'll see plenty of laughs, and even some tears from these Hollywood heavyweights, including a compelling conversation about mental illness and how we treat it in this country.

Cooper opens up to Katie about his newly single status, who he's taking as his date to the Academy Awards, and what it's like to have his love life splashed across the tabloids, plus she surprises him with one of the people who helped shape his acting career. You'll see Cooper and De Niro moved to tears in a rare moment as Russell opens up about the challenges of raising a son who suffers from mood disorder. Moved by Russell's words describing his love for his son, Cooper and De Niro reveal their own deep personal connections to “Silver Linings Playbook.” Also, Patrick J. Kennedy, the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and a mental health advocate also joins the discussion. 

Photos Courtesy Of: ABC/Disney

Monday, October 01, 2012



Kirstie Alley

TV Land has ordered a cast-contingent presentation of the script “Giant Baby” by Marco Pennette (“Ugly Betty,” “Samantha Who”), it was announced today by Larry W. Jones, president of TV Land. The comedy will star Kirstie Alley in the lead role of Madison “Maddie” Banks, a Broadway star who finds her life turned upside down when Owen, the son she gave up for adoption 26 years ago, turns up looking to connect after his adopted mother has died. However, Maddie doesn’t exactly see nerdy and schlubby Owen fitting in with her luxurious lifestyle. When her attempt to change Owen backfires, Maddie finds that perhaps they both could use a little change in their lives.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Andrew Lincoln In Mens Health

Andrew Lincoln, star of AMC’s The Walking Dead, graces the October cover of Men’s Health (on newsstands today) and opens up about his transition from making a respectable living as an actor in England to slaying zombies on America’s most watched cable drama series for adults. On his approach to exercise, Lincoln says: “I don’t need a trainer. I’ve got a zombie apocalypse to keep me fit.”

Andrew on his career before The Walking Dead…

“I’d played sort of jokey, Jack the Lad kinds of roles. Romantic roles. Period dramas.”

Andrew on why he doesn’t need a trainer thanks to his work on The Walking Dead… 

“Of course I want to be in good shape and be fit, but I want to have stamina. It’s not an exercise in vanity. It’s about being able to do stuff. On Friday I did an 18-hour day, including travel. I was up at quarter to six in the morning and got home at half past midnight. The day before we’d been outdoors all day. It was 90 to 95, and the humidity was up. So I don’t need a trainer. I’ve got a zombie apocalypse to keep me fit.”

Andrew on six-packs… 

“The whole vanity aspect of building up different muscles—I have no interest. I’m probably talking to the wrong magazine, but this six-pack phenomenon in acting, I just don’t subscribe to it.”

Andrew on his exercise regime…

“Eat less. Exercise more.” 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012



"Meet the Gold family. As owners of Detroit's biggest pawn shop, they've bought and sold things you can't begin to imagine. Every day brings new danger as the Golds operate in the heart of one of America's most troubled cities. With 50,000 sq ft of cash and goods surrounding them, there are millions to be made, but their profits come with huge risk. Welcome to the world of Hardcore Pawn."

Ashley With Seth And Les Gold

Well today I met the Gold family, in the heart of Times Square.  My millions of readers know that I rarely go out anymore for just about anything. After 30 years of photographing the stars and being profiled on every TV show from 60 Minutes to Fox News, I am pretty much a hermit now. I stay at home working on Times Square Gossip. But when my good publicist friend Linda Shafran contacted me in the middle of the night and told me the Gold family was going to be in Times Square, I just had to meet them. I love their show.

Most of these Reality Shows, I won't watch. But Hardcore Pawn brings back my fond memories of being on the set in Chicago with Jerry Springer. Just like Springer, you never know what is going to happen next and with HardCore Pawn you also get a education. Items coming into American Jewelry educate you on the value of things and sometimes you are just shocked that you have the same items in your home and they are worth so much money.

Meeting Les Gold today with Son Seth and Daughter Ashley was fun. I wish they did not have to catch a plane, I would have taken them out on the town and really shown them New York City. I am sure a night out with me would make all their customers look normal. 

Might be interesting to note, that Les will be on Varney - Thursday morning
VH1 Big Morning Buzz - Friday morning
Sean Hannity - Friday evening

Make sure you catch HardCore Pawn in it's new season on TruTV, Tuesdays at 9pm. This is one show that lives up to it's name!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Dr. Travis Stork And Richard Simmons

As spring comes to an end and temperatures begin to rise, The Doctors wants everyone to GET MOVING this May and kick start better health. Tune-in to the Emmy Award-winning syndicated daytime series on Friday May 25, when the co-hosts welcome fitness guru Richard Simmons to the show and share 13 secrets to get thin by summer!

Simmons rallies the audience with a dose of his signature high-energy aerobic exercises and helps one dangerously overweight audience member find the motivation to get moving and drop his excess pounds.

Here are just a few of the 13 secrets revealed on the show:

· Gym membership not in the budget? Exercise at home using items you already have, including:

§ Tights (stockings) – Work shoulders, biceps and upper back by using tights just like resistance bands.

§ Paper Plate Push Ups – The increased resistance from a paper plate can amp up any workout. Put plates under your hands and do a push-up; slide hands closer together and do another push-up; repeat. Or, place plates under feet and do “mountain climbers” to work triceps and chest muscles.

· Fake a butter allergy! Even the healthiest veggies can be sabotaged by too much butter. If you’re dining out and worried the chef may not honor your request to remove butter, tell the server you have an allergy and save yourself from unnecessary saturated fats.

· Text a buddy! Instead of keeping a food diary, try the “text accountability system” and text a friend what you eat each day. A friend may be able to better help maintain perspective on your diet.

· Ditch the mundane treadmill workouts. Challenge yourself with a water resistance course – Co-host Dr. Jim Sears shows viewers how an H20 boot camp can burn up to 600 calories/hour without the joint pain some experience in a regular workout.

Photos Courtesy Of: CBS Television Distribution / Stage 29 Productions LLC

Friday, March 02, 2012



Davy Jones On The Newlywed Game With Jessica Pacheco

GSN will pay tribute to The Monkees front man Davy Jones, who passed away on February 29th, with a special encore airing of Jones’ appearance on THE NEWLYWED GAME. The episode, from GSN’s new, original version of the iconic game show, will air on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, at 7:00 PM ET.

The episode features appearances by a number of celebrity couples, including: Jones and his wife, Telemundo actress Jessica Pacheco; Jonny Fairplay (“Survivor”) and Michelle Deighton (“America's Next Top Model”); Ronn Moss (“The Bold and the Beautiful”) and Devin DeVasquez (actress-model and former Playboy Playmate). It originally aired on January 21, 2010.

THE NEWLYWED GAME is GSN’s modern installment of the classic series showcasing three newly married couples of wide-ranging backgrounds who face off in a series of question rounds. During each round, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mate’s answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love lives. At the end of the game, the couple with the most correct matches wins exciting prizes.

Photo Courtesy Of: GSN

Tuesday, October 04, 2011



In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, the star of the CBS hit TV drama "Unforgettable" Poppy Montgomery sits down with Chaunce Hayden and admits she doesn't watch her own show.... but she's addicted to reality TV, especially "Jersey Shore"! The red haired beauty also tells Hayden about her own real life memory and why she describes it as "Crap".

Poppy Montgomery


I don’t even watch my own show because I’m on set all the time. We’re just shooting so intently all the time. Although I do miss “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

That and “Deadliest Catch” are my two favorite reality shows. Hey, listen, we all love reality TV. The only difference between me and everyone else is that other people won’t admit it! I’m also a HUGE fan of the “Jersey Shore”. How can you not be? It’s genius! It’s genius television!


My memory is crap! My memory is not anywhere near the vicinity of what Marilu Henner can do. I can remember lying pretty well because I’ve been doing it so well, but outside of that, my memory is not anywhere near theirs.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


British pop star GEORGE MICHAEL is getting his life back on track with a starring role in an American comedy/drama TV show.The singer pleaded guilty on Tuesday to driving while unfit due to drug use. Police found him slumped at the wheel of his car in London last October. However, the optimistic 43-year-old is confident he can turn his life around with a stint on American TV. He says, "I’m going to have the most phenomenal year - even though there are people who’d like me to experience a tough time."There’s an American tour planned and I’m starring in a big US comedy drama called Ellie Stone with Johnny Lee Miller."The writers want to name each episode after my songs."