Chris Harrison

With the newest season of “The Bachelor” launching on Monday, January 7 – everyone is excited to get their favorite Monday night activity back, including host Chris Harrison who has already seen the first few episodes. 

“It’s fantastic!” Chris exclaimed. “Sean is a diamond in the rough. The most sincere bachelor we have ever had.” He also joked about the upcoming bachelor season and said “if you put a star and a cape on this guy, he is Captain America, with better abs. And yes, he will have his shirt off a lot.”

Harrison raved about the newest season of the matchmaking show while unveiling The Palazzo Rose at The Palazzo Las Vegas recently. 

During the ceremony, Harrison led the audience in a toast and doused the arrangement of roses in champagne, a tradition of the floral community to mark the “christening” of a new variety. “This is my kind of rose ceremony,” Harrison joked to the crowd, when the champagne arrived.

But Sean Lowe wasn’t the only bachelor on everyone’s mind. When asked about Ashley and JP’s Wedding, Harrison said, “It was amazing. I was really honored to officiate.” He let us know that he was very nervous because he wanted it to be a great wedding. At the end of the night Chris said Ashley came up to give him a huge hug and said “this was everything I ever wanted.” 

Photo Courtesy Of: The Palazzo