New Years Eve Times Square

The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, co-organizers of New Year's Eve in Times Square, announced today that revelers across the globe will get to experience the Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration via a six hour, live commercial-free webcast of the event. Last year's webcast was watched by over 600,000 viewers representing 200 countries. This year's 4th annual webcast, produced in partnership with Livestream, will be hosted by national television and radio personality Allison Hagendorf (Fuse TV, The CW's "The Next") and will cover the action and festivities in Times Square including the Ball Raising at 6 pm EST, performances by star-studded musical artists and hourly countdowns as the anticipation builds towards the midnight countdown and the famous Ball Drop.

Additional features will include interviews with revelers who made the journey to Times Square to experience the iconic global celebration, behind-the-scenes interviews with the producers of New York City's largest annual celebration, a live chat with viewers around the world, the story of how the party started in Times Square in 1904, and a special debut performance on the NIVEA Kiss Stage by an unsigned artist whose rendition of the hit pop song, "This Kiss," received the most video views in a contest to support aspiring musical talents.

For the first time, Livestream has partnered with Tumblr to Live-GIF the entirety of the New Year's Eve festivities. Tumblr has selected three talented GIF makers out of their wide community of bloggers to work with the Livestream team to customize and create animated GIFs for the duration of the evening's broadcast. All the GIFs that are produced will be uploaded to, Tumblr's permanent home for live-GIF action, where Tumblr users will have the ability to reblog and share their absolute favorite moments in GIF form to an audience of 170 million.

Thanks to a custom designed embeddable video, the Event Organizers and Livestream are providing viewers with a full feed experience that includes live video, chat, photos, text updates, real-time DVR, animated GIFs and video highlight capabilities. This full feed experience is available for digital media outlets, bloggers, webmasters and Facebook users to embed as a source of fun and entertaining content on their own sites customized for their communities.

Last year's webcast was streamed live on more than 17,000 sites around the globe. This year, the Times Square 2013 webcast will again be streamed live on multiple websites including,, and

Whether celebrating at home or out on the town, the worldwide online audience will be able to watch, chat and participate in the live Times Square New Year's Eve celebration presented through four storylines that develop throughout the night. The storylines are as follows:

ONE WORLD REVEALED - the story behind the million revelers who make the pilgrimage to Times Square to be part of the global celebration at the Crossroads of the World. Webcast correspondents seek out revelers from across the globe to discover their personal stories and share their energy and excitement ringing in the New Year in Times Square.

WHAT IT TAKES - the story behind the Broadway curtain of actually producing New York City's largest annual celebration through time-lapse videos, voice-over narrations, animations, and interviews with event producers and directors of key departments. The worldwide audience will discover not only the tremendous amount of work and state-of the-art technology, but also the extraordinary personalities involved in the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration. The worldwide audience will be encouraged to ask questions from cabling to confetti, staging to pyrotechnics, video production to Ball Dropping.

TIMES SQUARE - the story behind Times Square and its world famous New Year's Eve celebration. The party started here in 1904 with over 200,000 revelers celebrating the New Year. Today, Times Square is famous not only for New Year's Eve but also the bright lights of Broadway, the streetscape of spectacular signs, and huge public gatherings throughout its history.

CELEBRATION, REFLECTION AND RENEWAL - the story of the international online audience embracing the underlying themes of New Year's Eve: celebration - celebrating people we love and the good things in life; reflection - looking back over the past year and where we've been; and renewal - looking forward with a sense of hope and new beginnings for ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

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The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment are the organizers of Times Square New Year's Eve. The Times Square Alliance works to improve and promote Times Square - cultivating the creativity, energy and edge that have made the area an icon of entertainment, culture and urban life for over a century. Countdown Entertainment represents the owners of One Times Square and the New Year's Eve Ball.