Katie Couric And Jane Fonda

Today on Katie, the always outspoken Jane Fonda talks with Katie about men, sex, and why older women are the most dangerous! She’ll reveal the conversation she had with her plastic surgeon, what it was like to work with Oprah, plus: what brought the Academy Award-winning actress to tears.

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Jane Fonda Talks HBO's The Newsroom

KC: “I love you in the “Newsroom””

JF: “Oh yes!”

KC: “I love you in the “Newsroom”, Jane does a great job in Aaron Sorkin’s ___ series on HBO.”

JF: “Oh, it’s this new television show called the “Newsroom”, She loves it, it’s so good! Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterson, Emily Mortimer, Aaron Sorkin writes it and I play Rupert Murdoch that’s been marinated in a little Ted Turner for a while.”

KC: “Yeah, what— did you learn anything from your marriage to Ted that you’re…”

JF: “Well, what I’ve learned that helps me with this is to just not be intimidated. You know what I mean? I can own this character who’s not just in charge of a news thing, the news division, you know, it’s three percent of her bottom line. She owns things in China, Canada, all over the world. But, she’s huge!”

KC: “She’s a mogul.”

JF: “She’s a-- I am. I like playing a mogul.”

Jane Fonda's Thoughts on Getting Remarried

KC: “Do you think you’ll ever get married again?”

JF: “Never!”

KC: “Never!? Why not?”

JF: “The idea makes me feel suffocated.”

KC: “It does?”

JF: “No it’s a—You know, I, I wrote a book about mm—Well, it came out last year and it’s been translated into many language and it’s a best seller. It’s called Primetime and it’s about how to age successfully. And um, I interviewed many many people all around the country. And um, and just, one of the many things that I discovered was it’s very common if you are separated or widowed or whatever later in life—to find, or be attracted to, or end up with someone you knew a long time ago, like in high school, or college, do you know? And you tend to when you’re in bed with them remember the way they used to look.

KC: “Ahhh, that’s very convenient!”

JF: (Mouths “Oh, I know”) Well, I met Richard, um 38 years ago.”

KC: “Excellent!”

JF: “Yeah, it’s really weird. He was living with a—when I left my first husband, the woman that then moved in with him, then was living with Richard and we were friends. So, that’s how I met Richard and um, and and then um, I don’t know, a few years later I was still married and we, we ended up at a party and I was alone and he was alone and we danced together all night, with his mouth on my neck. But, I was a very good girl—I went home to my husband, but I never forgot! And then about, I don’t know, about five years ago I thought, Ehh, you know, uhhh enough enough I don’t need it anymore. And I’m working for Laurie Allen in Paris and I get an email from Carrie Fisher and she says, my dear dear dear wonderful friend Richard Perry wants me to set it up so he can reach you again and the minute I saw that name, I said to my hairstylist, “See this name? Something’s happening in my body right now, I think this could be fun.” And I went to L.A. to to get a new knee and I got a new lover!”

Jane Fonda's Back Surgery and Yoga Video

JF: “No, I suffer from osteoarthritis, you know like many many many people do. My father did, my brother does, and again it’s another reason—and I’m very, I try to be open about it because I think that it, it helps people who have these problems say, ‘Well, if she can do it I can do it.’

KC: “Right.”

JF: “You know? What I do in that—”

KC: “It educates people!”

JF: “—in this yoga video with a fake hip and a fake knee and I’ll tell you something else, I haven’t said this before. When I did this yoga video, I had narcotics patches all over my back. I was in such pain and two days later I went into the hospital for major back surgery.”

KC: “Wow.”

JF: “But I, I was scheduled to do the video and I couldn’t change the dates so I did it anyway and it’s really one of my best videos. I couldn’t believe that I did what I did with a—but I had these huge patches and it’s really hard to get them because they’re like a— I was flying, man.”

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