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Ana Oliveira

In response to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating effects on New York City, The New York Women’s Foundation® (NYWF) is creating a special $1 million Response and Recovery Fund which will be distributed to current and former grantee partners over the next four years, as needed. Driven by their 25 year commitment to supporting the economic security of women and girls, serving the needs of the most vulnerable communities and remaining responsive to the changing landscape of New York City, NYWF will leverage their incredible network of over 280 grantee partners to support and provide help where it is most needed. The New York Women’s Foundation Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery Fund will provide both immediate and long term financial support to current and former grantee partners so they can restore, enhance and sustain their capacity to work with women and families towards stability and safety in those communities hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, in New York City.

NYWF plans to immediately distribute $250,000 to provide assistance in some of the hardest hit areas, including Broad Channel, Classon Point, City Island, Coney Island, Far Rockaway, the Lower East Side, Red Hook and Staten Island. Beginning in 2013, The Foundation will assess continuing needs and designate $250,000 annually, through 2015, to address the longer term economic security, safety and health needs that may continue to be heightened for these families due to the lingering and extended effects of Hurricane Sandy’s disruption. Many of the women and families NYWF grantee partners serve were already economically insecure and living in unsafe environments, and are now facing additional and often overwhelming economic and emotional barriers as the result of Hurricane Sandy.

“In the immediate aftermath of the storm, we reached out to our grantee partners, assessing their needs and directing them to additional resources where possible,” said President & CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation, Ana Oliveira. “We learned both of their immediate need for supplies, transportation, power and critical safety measures, as well as major concerns regarding the long term effects of the storm: such as loss of income, housing, and mental and emotional support for so many women and their families in devastated communities. This is why The NYWF has created a $1 million Response and Recovery Fund to provide both the economic and emotional support to women and their families in New York City.”

ABOUT NYWF: The New York Women’s Foundation® is a cross-cultural alliance of women, serving as a voice for women and a force for change. The Foundation identifies innovative organizations that are effecting change in the communities they serve for women and girls. NYWF strategically funds organizations and programs that move women, girls and families toward long-term economic security through individual transformation and systemic change, mobilizing leaders and community partners as philanthropists and change agents. NYWF funds programs that promote economic security and justice, anti-violence and safety; and health, sexual rights and reproductive justice for women and girls in New York City.

To donate to The New York Women’s Foundation® Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery Fund, please visit https://join-us.nywf.org/hurricanesandyrelieffund.

For further information about The New York Women’s Foundation®, please visit www.nywf.org.

Photo By: Patrick McMullan

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