Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey and the Lohan family are back yet again in recovery primetime, but beyond the restraining orders, sound-bites and press conferences, there are valuable lessons to be learned... lessons that can truly help millions of Americans in a similar, yet less publicized, situation.

Addiction Expert  Ben Levenson, co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers comments...

"Unfortunately, we see this everyday and it's not just in the gossip columns,” says Ben Levenson, the co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers. “Kid's of divorced parents often find ways to hide and become a statistic rather than recovered simply because their parents can't get on the same page."

The Lohan's family crisis takes the concept of recovery to whole new level. Both parents have had very public battles with addiction, but it is the venomous relationship between these parents that provide what amounts to an enabling safe-zone for Lindsey. Levenson adds, "The lesson for every family is simple; leave the interventions to the professionals. There has to be third party role in addiction, and there must be a person or place that both parents can use to get themselves out of the fray."

Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna