Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff and the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation hosted an elegant “thank you” party at Sequin, the fashion jewelry boutique in Southampton recently. The purpose of the event was to show appreciation to the sponsors, committee members and supporters of the 3rd Annual UNCONDITIONAL LOVE benefit which was held on Saturday, July 21, 2012, honoring Ellen & Chuck (NBC 4, News Anchor) Scarborough, chaired by Jean Shafiroff and held at the home of Sandra McConnell, in Southampton. Those in attendance at the thank you event at Sequin included Kim and Linda Renk (owners of Sequin and newly appointed Board members of the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation), Cheryl Dovenberg (Sequin executive), Martin Shafiroff, Zita Davisson & Gary Lawrance, Sandra McConnell, Michael Donofrio, Raya & Clifford Knight, NancyJane Loewy, Amy Cosman, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Georgina Schaeffer & Marsha Schaeffer, Jayne Young & Gene DePoris and many others. Representing the Shelter were the Shelter's Chairman, Susan Allen, Board President, Jonathan McCann, and Board Executive V.P. and co-founder of ARF, Sony Schotland.

In addition to Allen & Company and Barclays, Sequin also served as an Honorary Corporate Chair of the July 21, 2012 benefit. Vice chairs included ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), Liz Brown & Leslie Alexander, Margo & John Castimatidis, Board member Joel J. Cooper & Paul J. Herman, Fiona & Stanley Drunkenmiller, Hansgrohe, Sharon Kerr, Robert Liberman, Board President Jonathan McCann, Sandra McConnell, Beverly & Saul Negreann, Charlene & James M. Nederlander, Andy Sabin, Board Executive V.P. Sony Schotland and C. William Tanzi. Henry Buhl, Mackenzie Childs, NBC 4 New York and Margo McNabb Nederlander & James L. Nederlander served as associate vice-chairs. The emcee for the evening was NBC 4 New York Live’s Jane Hanson and music was provided and donated by Alex Donner’s renowned orchestra.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is ranked among the top ten shelters in the country. In addition to providing adoption services, the shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. The Training and Behavior Department evaluates each dog and develops individually tailored training based upon a dog's needs. Dog obedience classes, as well as dog play groups, are offered to the public.

On June 9, 2012, the organization was bestowed with the honor of "2012 SHELTER of the YEAR" at Petfest's Pet Hero Awards Ceremony.