Louise And Erik Wachmeister

After several years of preparation and hard work, we are delighted to welcome you to Best of All Worlds.

Our mission: To bring relevance, trust and intimacy to the online world in a time when the information overflow and noise levels are overwhelming. We do this within worlds of shared interests--including art, business, food and wine, good causes, health, fashion, film, technology, adventure travel, new parents, golf, tennis, polo and all kinds of sports.

We have created an online community where, within different worlds, you and trusted others can exchange useful information, discover new interests, or enhance your existing passions. 

Additionally, you can find out who shares your interests in your already existing circle of friends or you can extend your network and find new contacts that share these common interests.

Our iPhone app, launched during the second half of July, will guide you to instantly find relevant information wherever you are and according to your current mode: social, party, family, private, or professional. You may be busy at a conference in professional mode at 4pm, only to turn to your social mode between 5 and 7pm, then perhaps heading out for a late night (party mode). The next morning you go to the beach (family mode), or prefer to be unavailable to anyone for the week-end (private mode).

Having founded aSmallWorld (www.asmallworld.net) in early 2004, we have been in the online community business since the very beginning. We have carefully watched how this sector has evolved and how, in many ways, it still is in its infancy. Social media today focuses on the past with timelines, indexing all the people we have ever met and producing a cascade of information that never stops. 

The time has come to offer a new service, focusing on today and tomorrow, rather than yesterday. The time is also ripe for a trusted community where users can actually find things they are looking for, as opposed to unstructured streams of information overflow.

Best of All Worlds can be used for both social and professional purposes, and you can engage our site through the lens of different interests and perspectives. This positions BOAW to be among the most relevant online communities out there. We want to inspire you every day with discovery, both in the online world and in the real world. We want to make this to be both highly useful and fun, while in a safe and trusted environment. 

For example, perhaps you are in your hometown, and you want to find out who also wants to play a game of tennis or golf and who has many mutual friends and shares strong similar interests. Or you are visiting Geneva on a tight schedule for business but would like to meet new people in your line of work, to explore a professional collaboration or find something fun to do after work. You can present yourself to other members (and also choose how you see others) based not only on your Geneva location, but also by your professional motivation and intent. Or maybe you are at your favorite vacation spot with your family and want to know who of your existing friends are nearby or new contacts with kids the same age. Or to simply, find like-minded people in or around your network who are interested in golf, polo and kite surfing, or sharing a few nights out. A few clicks, and your view of Best of All Worlds takes that perspective, and others will see your profile and your particular intent.

How effectively we can make Best of All Worlds relevant, useful, and compelling to you depends upon how you make use of our system and what you share in your profile. We have attempted to make it a fun and seamless process, with strict privacy controls so you can decide who sees what and when.

We seek your feedback and suggestions, and we look forward to seeing you soon in and around Best of All Worlds.- Erik and Louise Wachtmeister, Founders, Best of All Worlds

Best of All Worlds. Four promising words. We make them relevant.

For more information on Best of All Worlds, please visit www.bestofallworlds.com or www.boaw.com.