Mercury may be spinning in the wrong direction, but it doesn’t mean that you have to. Two to three times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde, meaning where the planet appears to move backwards in the sky. This reverse state can cause issues with computers, purchases, relationships, jobs and travel plans, yet these can be easily avoided with the right advice. Experts and astrologers say that you should not sign a contract, hire a new employee or embark on a new relationship during this time, as the outcome will not be favorable. Learn how to cope with this cosmic shift by consulting with for survival tips! For guidance and advice on important decisions, including business transactions, personal endeavors, travel plans and service inquiries, is your go-to Mercury in retrograde resource. can connect you online with the right consultant in order to give you the best live advice on how to endure Mercury in retrograde. In 2012, Mercury was in retrograde from March 12 to April 4, and is set to begin again from July 14 to August 8. This Fall, Mercury strikes again from November 6 through November 26.

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