Stuck In The Middle Cast

Stuck in the Middle, a new independent film written by Joseph and Billy Pepitone and directed by Joseph Pepitone & Carlos Duhaime had it's premiere at the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 4th. Executive Produced by film veteran Jeff Quinlan (Bare Knuckles), this slacker comedy about life in Purgatory is laugh out loud funny with a brilliant, cutting edge original script and a terrific cast that makes this a must see.

The story follows mailroom slacker Michael Cheevers (Stephen Fontana) through life, his bizarre accidental death and then his afterlife. After being assigned to the mailroom in Purgatory by a demoted St. Peter (played perfectly by Cash Tilton), Michael runs into a cast of dysfunctional characters. (Jeanette Roxborough) is the foul mouthed secretary laying hysterical, vicious insults on Michael throughout the film with a flawless deadpan delivery and (Jack Mulcahy) steals every scene he is in as the drunk, senile, Ronald Reagan obsessed Human Resources manager. The object of Michael's affection is prank loving Brooke Lynne Monroe (beautiful newcomer Penelope Lagos) and together they try to stop the evil Todd Levy (played to a psychotic, hilarious tee by Keith Collins) who is trying to buy Purgatory and close it down so he can build condos for rich "Heaveners." Oh and he's also Jesus' agent!! And Jesus has never been portrayed like this. (Eric Etebari's) turn as Jesus is larger than life, rock-star great and his entrance into the film brought the house down.

Every scene is filled with rapid fire dialogue that is so funny, I found myself missing the next line because of the audience's laughter. The highlight among a movie filled with highlights is a gym scene that culminates with a historical, biblical pose down that brings back memories of classic Mel Brooks comedies. Fontana and Lagos have a good chemistry and as their relationship grows with every new prank and all night drinking sessions, you find yourself rooting for the lovable loser and flirtatious beauty all the way up to the surprise ending.

Stuck in the Middle is what low budget indie films haven't been since Kevin Smith's Clerks - edgy, risky and unapologetic. The writing is sharp, crude and intelligent all at the same time and the performances of the entire cast from the veterans to the newcomers are flawless.

Look for Stuck in the Middle this year. This is the indie film everyone will be talking about.

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE - Starring Stephen Fontana, Penelope Lagos, Eric Etebari, Keith Collins, Jack Mulcahy, Jeanette Roxborough, Cash Tilton, Carter Roy. Written by Joseph Pepitone & Billy Pepitone Directed by Joseph Pepitone & Carlos Duhaime. Executive Producer Jeff Quinlan. Produced by Joseph & Billy Pepitone, Carlos Duhaime, John Summa.

Photo By: Julio Sanchez