Ricky Gervais

NOW, WHERE WERE WE? – Ricky Gervais … what can you say about him? Three weeks later people are still talking about the Golden Globes and their somewhat rambunctious host Gervais. Truth is, the Globes people haven't asked him back, NBC has, who broadcast the show. The general request for any host is to keep people talking about the show. And, they have in record numbers. Can you imagine what their audience would be for next year’s show … especially if Slicky Ricky is there? The comedian has been quoted this morning as saying that if he does return, “They can expect the same old shit.” To me, he did a great job; sure, it must have been icy inside the event, but TV is all about the ratings and the ratings were good!


Charlie Sheen

SHEEN SCENE – I think when all is said and done, the Charlie Sheen debacle is just terribly, terribly sad. Enablers, the network, friends, neighbors, and hangers-on, all must take the blame. As to him doing his rehab stint at home, I am somewhat dubious and rather surprised that more of the so-called practitioners of the trade have yet to come forward and comment on this supposed tactic; Dr. Drew where are you? I mean, can you even do this at home? One blogger posted after it was posited whether the next episodes of his show Two And A Half Men would even be filmed, said that they should just put some cameras in the star’s home and that would be the entertainment. Funny … but, sad.


Maggie Gyllenhaal

SUPERMAN RE-DEUX – Me, I’m a Batman-fan. Those early re-boots with director Joel Schumacher were nothing short of brilliant. Especially with the fantastic visual works from the late-Anton Furst. I happened to dial up Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight …and, enjoyed everything about it. Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal were just out and out terrific. Michael Caine was brilliant and Heath Ledger gave perhaps one of the best performances ever on film. Great Film. Nolan’s just started the next installment of the series, to be titled The Dark Knight Rises; which will rightly pick up where the last one left off. I had forgotten that the ending positioned The Batman as a vigilante who must be captured. In fact, the film ended with them pursing The Batman. With all of Nolan’s deserving success, he was tagged to executive produced the re-booting of the Superman series, with none other than Brit-actor Henry Cavill most recently from Showtime’s The Tudors, as the titular lead. The director has been announced as Zack Snyder, who did the wonderful job on 2009’s Watchmen and 2006’s 300. The former movie was a comic-con lover’s delight and a script that the Hollywood-studios for years had been trying to develop. Snyder’s take was sensational, but overall the movie was somewhat belabored with tons of back-story; not always the best way to handle a movie. Said Snyder, “In the pantheon of super heroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be part of his return to the big screen.” With Nolan in the picture, it should be a terrific endeavor. BTW: Twilight’s Kristen Stewart has just been approached about playing Lois Lane. What do you think?


Trent Reznor

ROBBIE COMES A CALLING – One of the nicest and most creative people in the record biz is Robbie Robertson, from the legendary rock ‘n roll group The Band and his work with director Martin Scorsese. His first solo album is 13 years out April 4 and is entitled How To Become Clairvoyant. With guests including Eric Clapton, Tom Moreno, Robert Randolph, Trent Reznor, and Steve Winwood, I am feverishly looking forward to it. The first single from the album, “He Don’t Live Here No More” is out and terrific. I predict this will be a big winner for the first quarter.


Eva Mueller

EVA RISES – We want to showcase an emerging photographer/artist on the scene, Bavaria-born Eva Mueller. Last year she shot album covers for both Elaine Paige and Nadia Ali. Mueller is bullish on her unique ability to come in and create a totally new visual image for an artist or group. “In many instances, a re-booting of the image or an entirely new one is called for. I love being able to come in and start at the beginning. Clearly, it’s a much better place for me to work from.” A gallery/design store in Rio, called Duilio Sartori has just commissioned her to produce a book on the colors, lights, and people of Rio. She'll have an exhibit in the Spring.

Photos By: RD/Orchon/Parks/Walter McBride/Retna


Anonymous said…
Sheen's on screen acting does make me chuckle but when it is his life at stake?

Sheen needs to take a much needed break, get away from everything, and get in touch with himself. Better choices are out there, Charlie.

We are watching another train wreck... and applauding the antics of man who is self destructing. Time to turn the channel...