LOUIS XIII At Rick's Cabaret

The Girls Of Ricks With Armed Security Guards

It was like a scene from a glamorous old Hollywood movie at Rick’s Cabaret Wednesday night. An armored stretch limo arrived, carrying two formidable bodyguards and Mr. Remi Brabant, the Louis XIII Brand Ambassador. All this fanfare was surrounding the release of a special bottle of 100 year-old fine cognac, Louis XIII’s Cask de Remy Martin, which retails for $1,750 for a one ounce pour and will be sold exclusively in New York at Rick’s Cabaret. Rick’s VIP customers expect the best of everything, and the gentlemen’s club is known for its ability to please the most discerning people. Ten beautiful women greeted Mr. Brabant on the red carpet, and then, like a spectacle to rival something you’d witness at the Oscars, the ladies joined the bodyguards in escorting the Brand Ambassador and “the bottle” around the club. This fascinating parade ended on the third floor, where the cognac was installed in a lighted, state-of-the-art, “tower,” where it will remain on display until further notice, much like a fine piece of sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum. And the Rick’s Cabaret Girls are walking, talking and dancing pieces of art as well. As we’ve said before, you never know what might happen if you take a trip to 50 West 33rd Street and visit the famed Rick’s Cabaret.