Jennifer Kandemir

As owner of Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc., Jennifer Kandemir, a New York beauty industry veteran, has set trends while serving as an inspiration. From her encouraging personal journey, to her unparalleled level of skill and work, Jennifer is fearless, driven, inspirational and, of course, a model business woman. Jennifer began her career as a sought-after hair colorist, working for such high-profile celebrity salons as John Frieda, Warren Tricomi and Elizabeth Arden. As a woman, Jennifer had long felt victim to the issue of unwanted body hair, negatively impacting her self-image, causing her to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in her own skin. As a result, Jennifer developed an interest in electrolysis and was soon treated at a doctor’s office where she unfortunately was badly discolored due to the type of technology utilized and its incompatibility with her skin type. Following the negative experience, Jennifer researched the field and discovered that lasers were considered the new future of hair removal— especially significant, Jennifer educated herself on the different types of lasers, each equipped to treat specific types of skin, as she found that the Cutera Nd: YAG is best for darker skin such as her own. Staying ahead of the trends, Jennifer underwent laser hair removal treatment and loved the results. Finding herself at a turning point, Jennifer decided that she would learn to complete the laser hair removal procedure herself and began to take classes. At her three-month mark, Jennifer was gifted with a laser hair removal machine and she has never looked back since. Jennifer soon found a space in New York City and her business continues to flourish. With a new found sense of confidence and self-assurance, Jennifer was inspired to work to transfer such a positive experience to other individuals experiencing similar body issues. Moving forth with a personal mission to rid the negative self-images that she experienced from others, Jennifer continues to transform the lives of her clients through her work. The level of personalized attention established by Jennifer sets Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc. apart from others in the industry. With an honest and realistic approach toward their clients, Jennifer ensures that her specialists at Advanced Derma Laser Tech will inform a potential client if he/she is not a proper candidate for laser hair removal, as well as further options for treatment. Advanced Derma Laser Tech is located at 422 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor in New York City. Tel: (212) 223-2235 or visit their website