Daniel Craig With Kelly And Tom Murro

Tom Murro and his wife Kelly were greeted by Daniel Craig after his Broadway play 'A Steady Rain' recently, outside the stage doors. Tom complimented him on his acting and his Rolex GMT and told him that he was an avid watch collector and that the GMT was his favorite and one he didn't have yet. They took some pictures together and Tom continued to compliment his watch, then the star started to take the watch off and said "he could spare one and its yours if you want it." Tom thought he was kidding, "I couldn't believe that he said what he said", then Tom replied in shock, "I would love to Mr. Craig but no thank you." He looked a bit puzzled and went on to sign autographs for all the fans, he seemed to really like signing autographs and spent allot of time doing it, then Daniel waved to the crowd, got into his SUV Limo, and was driven away. Tom then realized that was his one shot and he just froze. His wife was so mad and couldn't believe what he did. Tom just felt weird taking it from him right there off his wrist. The happy couple thought that was more than generous of him to offer even if he is a wealthy actor. Even better, Daniel took their camera and took a shot of all three of them. Great shot Daniel !
Photo By: Daniel Craig


Roberta said…
Tom and Kelly
Thank you for a wonderful story.
You did a really valuable experience.
Lucky, lucky, lucky couple.
Daniel is a character actor of the first class in high quality.
I love his work.
Anonymous said…
What a king gesture. He seems a really nice bloke!
Anonymous said…
What a gracious guy !