Martina Navratilova, an advocacy group dedicated to establishing and ensuring fair and equal rights for all, regardless of gay or straight, has thrown their support behind Toni Layton, Martina Navratilova’s ex life partner. Toni Layton, the 8 year partner/lover of the ex tennis champion contends her partnership is the same as the previous partnerships with a consistent path of promises and mutual commitments. Layton’s heavyweight Attorney Ray Rafool, who just came off a victory in representing Linda Hogan in her divorce, will be face to face on October 26th to serve up Martina in closely anticipated heated deposition. Navratilova’s camp answered Layton’s lawsuit with denials for support. Rafool stated that “Martina’s claims of Toni Layton’s actions and duties will prove and support that this domestic partnership not only existed but was what Navratilova insisted on from the beginning. Navratilova’s commitment to lifelong support played an important role in Layton’s decision to forgo her own career and goals only to support Martina’s comeback and transition into broadcasting.” Equal Rights President Terry Ahern says “After looking at the damage done to Ms.Layton because of a partner who is hiding behind archaic Florida law, we felt a need to support a stand of equality and fairness. This is Navratilova’s third divorce and this hypocrisy can’t be tolerated. “ Their romance started in 2000 when Toni had been in New Hampshire visiting friends and Martina decided to join her. “Everything fell into place” said Layton. A month later they were “married” in an unofficial ceremony at Mount Washington State Park in New Hampshire. Later, they had platinum wedding bands made for each other. After Martina moved in with Toni they later settled in their new home in Florida, a state that doesn’t recognize gay marriage. For more information see