Mark Bego

As news of Michael Jackson's death circulated, Mark Bego, is in shock. Bego met Jackson in the '70s and '80s, and penned the biggest-selling Jackson biography written: 1984's "Michael!" That same year, Bego traveled along with The Jackson's sold-out "Victory Tour," attended 30 consecutive shows as a rock journalist, and penned the million-selling book, "On the Road With Michael!"According to Bego, "The book 'Michael!' was released in February of 1984 when Jackson caught his hair on fire shooting the controversial Pepsi commercial, and I ended up selling three million copies of my book, in seven different editions. Overnight, I was acknowledged as a Jackson expert." Bego's "Michael!" was an international success (including American, British, Portuguese, Japanese, Croatian, French, and Spanish editions). In the United States "Michael!" spent six weeks in the Top Ten on "The New York Times" best-seller list.Says Bego, "Michael was obsessed with his public image. He worked overtime to shape it, and did everything he could to make himself as unique to the public eye as possible. Even with all of the bizarre behavior, plastic surgery, press-release marriages, and ever-morphing 'look,' there is only one central thing that will be remembered about Michael Jackson, and that is his phenomenal talent. No one could sing and dance the way he could. He was a distinctive and unifying performer, whose creativity and artistry will never be forgotten."