Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger hasn't let her failed four-month marriage to country star Kenny Chesney dampen her hopes for a good marriage.She is insisting she's too busy with work to focus on her love life. The star ended her brief romance with Chesney with an annulment in 2005, and is admitting she struggles to find time for new men. Zellweger tells Marie Claire magazine, "The thing is, I'm away all the time. I suppose if I sat still long enough to get to know somebody beyond a dinner date, maybe. But I don't feel like my life is empty or that I have to make something happen. I have projects to develop."I want to study American history and political science, live in an apartment in France, and fix my bad French. And is there really time for all of it? I'm not single, I'm busy. That's my line. "I never say never about anything because I look back on my own personal history and it shocks me. If I would ever have said, 'Oh, for sure this is going to be in my future,' most of my experiences would not have been on my list. So I don't even bother thinking about it, because I've learned that there's no anticipating that stuff."