The original and one and only "Karate Kid" is lashing out at plans for a big-money remake of the hit movie, urging Hollywood producers to leave classic films alone. Ralph Macchio shot to international fame as a teenager when he landed the part of Daniel LaRusso in the first "Karate Kid" picture. He went on to star in two more sequels before the sword was passed in 1994's "The Next Karate Kid" to a young Hilary Swank. Now the role is to be taken on by Hollywood star Will Smith's 10-year-old son, Jayden, in a new version of the original movie, which will be co-produced by the youngster's star father. And Macchio wonders if the new film will be a hit with the public, because too many movies are ruined by remakes. He tells MTV.com, "It feels pretty good that some people are pretty angry that they're trying to remake 'The Karate Kid.' It feels good that the public feels you don't touch certain things. Some times you go back to that, and probably shouldn't. "From my personal view, the filling the void of what Mr. Miyagi was -- and the magic of that character -- is going to be the toughest task. I (also) don't know where the romantic story-arc goes (with Smith's Daniel) at that age."