Former Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato Jr. has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in a burglary that ended with the murder of an off-duty New York City Police Officer. The 32-year-old was cleared of murdering Officer Daniel Enchautegui, but convicted of attempted burglary. Today, Brancato Jr. was handed a 10 year sentence. The three years he has spent behind bars since his arrest will count towards the sentence. Brancato Jr. and his friend Steven Armento were charged with murder following the shooting that took place on December 10th 2005, when Enchautegui discovered them attempting to break into his neighbour’s Bronx, New York City home. Armento fired the gun which killed the officer, and was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at an earlier trial. Brancato Jr. - who claimed he was attempting to enter the house of a friend who had given him drugs in the past - faced the same sentence, despite the fact he wasn’t carrying a weapon. After his conviction on a lesser charge, Brancato Jr.’s lawyer asked the judge to free his client and send him to rehab instead of prison. But Bronx judge Justice Martin Marcus opted for a sentence closer to the maximum of 15 years. Brancato Jr.’s murder acquittal outraged public officials, including city mayor Michael Bloomberg, who raged, "It’s just beyond me how the jury could come to that conclusion."
Editors Note: We hope this spoiled Hollywood kid get's raped and beaten in jail. What happened to the law? Someone is dead because of a Hollywood brat who thought he could do anything he wanted. We would send you a case of KY, but we want it to hurt !


Anonymous said…
There is no apostrophe in "gets." And your remarks are beyond crude. I guess when you are an illiterate, power-mad slimeball it makes you feel better about yourself to have a blog where you can make fun of those you perceive as beneath yourself. In the first place, you obviously don't know any of the facts of the case. Mr. Brancato never set foot in Hollywood, he's a 100% New Yorker, ignorant dummy. A jury of his peers found him innocent of murder based on the facts; that is the American system. Mayor Bloomberg's comment is political grandstanding cynically designed to curry favor with the police department And I don't care what anybody has done, wishing they would be beaten and raped in jail is not the mark of a civilized person, but of an animal, or, at best, an immature human. How old are you, 17? Grow up.
Anonymous said…
This could have happened to anyone including your kid, God forbid. He was not the shooter. He was present when it unfortunately happened. I really hope he come out a better man, and my blessing to the victims family.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Brancato had a great talent and he has wasted itall by his ue of poor judgment of the company he keeps and by making a stupid mistake that he can't take back. He is paying the price: wasting his life in prison. Hopefully when he does get out, he will have wised up. What a waste!