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Licking Lindsay Lohans father Michael, has called for a "truce" after weeks of fighting with his daughter and her lesbian girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Lindsay's father reacted angrily to a MySpace blog posted by Lohan last week, which detailed her shock at finding out he had allegedly fathered a lovechild during his marriage to her mother Dina. The allegations prompted a bitter war of words with his daughter and Ronson, who he has blamed for negatively influencing Lindsay, even alleging he was "99 per cent" certain she ghost-wrote the scathing entry. In a post on his Web site on Monday, Michael writes, "There is a truce between Lindsay and I, so please stop adding any fuel to the fire. I respectfully ask that all sources, so called friends and mouthpieces refrain from any more comments or suggestions on her blog."
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The Times Square Ball

The dress rehearsal for the new Times Square New Year's Eve Philips Light Switch Ball in Times Square New York City worked great. With cold weather on the way, the Big Apple still expects close to a million party people at the crossroads of the world. We will walk out of our Times Square offices a few minutes before midnight. Hopefully we will be smashed !
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Alex James is very convinced that Rehab singer Amy Winehouse will be dead within two years - and would be "surprised" if she lives any longer. The bassist is worried for the star and British musician Pete Doherty, who have both had much publicized battles with drugs and alcohol. And James is insisting that he doesn’t expect the pair to live to see 2010, unless they get urgent help.He tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, "I’d be surprised if Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse both live to see the decade out. You know, it’s not funny. "I’ve been in situations where my best friends have been killing themselves (with drugs) and they won’t listen… It is scary."
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Kanye West

Paparazzi lover Kanye West is planning a quiet New Year’s Eve in. He will spend the night at home for the first time in five years. The rapper has had a busy 12 months, performing almost 100 concerts, and plans to take it easy. He writes on his blog, "If there’s any parties on New Year’s with my name on it, doooon’t youuuu belieeeeeve it! I’m staying at home for the first time in five years. We did 98 shows this past year!!! I just want to chill, hoop and watch some movies!

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Constantine Maroulis And Deborah Gibson

Deborah Gibson With Constantine Maroulis And The Electric Youth

NY's own DEBORAH GIBSON, who put her handprints into cement yesterday at PLANET HOLLYWOOD, wrapped up her 'Deborah Gibson Electric Youth' performing arts camp today at Ripley-Grier studios and was visited by 'ROCK OF AGES' CONSTANTINE MAROULIS. His play which officially moves to Broadway with an official opening on April 7 (at the Brooks Atkinson), has paired up with Gibson before at a Broadway Cares/Rockers on Broadway event in 2007 at BB King's. The play did a series of performances at the New World stages to much fanfare, for their inspired choices of music and the fact that you were able to bring your drinks to your seats and wave during power ballads; sort of a in-seat cocktail service. Maroulis greeted the kids at the camp and posed for pictures.Yesterday''s event for Gibson was also noted for her words on the sudden-passing of the late-great EARTHA KITT. The two appeared in a production of CINDERELLA for six months several years back. Said Gibson of Kitt, "She was my fairy godmother. An amazing woman who was not afraid to speak her mind and went out singing and high kicking. She will be missed terribly by all who knew her." Gibson also showed at Sardi's over the weekend and performed several numbers as a featured guest on JAMES BARBOUR's holiday series of shows.
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Melora Hardin

Jason Patrick Sands With Melora Hardin And Gregory Butler

Actress Melora Hardin strikes a pose with the cast backstage, following her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in 'Chicago' at the Ambassador Theatre last night in New York City.
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Noel Ashman And Nicole Albino

Plumm owner Noel Ashman is having a banner week. Saturday night his prime NYC club was celebrity-driven. In the house were Olympic medalist Carl Lewis, boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Jr., tennis ace Serena Williams...all dancing to the music of dee-jay Nicole Albino, one-half of the twin-sister singing group Nina Sky. A late night entry to the mix was "The Hills" hottie Audrina Patridge, holding hands tightly with a striking young man. Ashman's good fortune continues with the stellar line-up he has assembled for New Year's Eve. Co-hosting the countdown to 2009 are actor Jesse Bradford who has five films due out, porn legend Heather Hunter and veteran rocker Jackson Browne's son Ethan. Trivia buffs may know that both Bradford and Browne appeared in the cult flick "Hackers" that boasted an early screen turn from a young Angelina Jolie. Add to the mix mogul Damon Dash's son who will spin for the first time ever at The Plumm.
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Monday, December 29, 2008


Kate Winslet

Sexy Hollywood star Kate Winslet was spying on elderly people from cafes to prepare for her role as a weary pensioner in new movie The Reader. The talented actress underwent a complete transformation in the make-up chair as her character, a former Nazi concentration camp guard. She ages 30 years for the on screen role. And Kate ensured her body language was realistic by going incognito in cafes to watch the elderly. She says, "I observed older people. I would watch them in cafes to see how they would stand up. "I didn’t mind looking in the mirror and seeing myself as an old hag! It gave extra dimension to the character. The make-up was very difficult to wear and really uncomfortable. "It was on the teeth, eyeballs, hands, feet and body. And it took seven-and-a-half hours to put on."
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Nick Jonas is dreaming about marrying the perfect woman, and often discusses his plans to wed with singing brother Joe.The 16-year-old star, who has dated Miley Cyrus and is now rumored to be dating Disney star Selena Gomez, wears a purity ring to signify his no-sex-before-marriage rule. But the pop singer is eager to settle down with the right woman, and spends hours talking about his future with his 19-year-old brother. He tells Britain’s Sunday Times, "Marriage is something that’s going to happen. Music is important, but family is most important. "When Joe and I lie in our bed and we can’t fall asleep because of all the time changes, that’s the kind of thing we talk about." And eldest Jonas Brother Kevin, 21, is also looking for the perfect girl to spend his life with too. He adds, "(My ideal girl is) someone who wears nice clothes and can put themselves together. Even if she is going to the beach she might put a flower in her hair. "You need to be faithful to who you’re with. Cheating is not good."
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Kate Moss

Aging supermodel Kate Moss was left red-faced over the holidays when she reportedly misplaced a ring only three hours after her boyfriend Jamie Hince gave it to her. Hince was said to be furious after Moss lost the $4,400 tribal piece he had custom-made for her while recently touring the U.S.And Moss was so desperate to find the jewellery the couple nearly missed their flight to Thailand, where they plan to celebrate New Year's Eve. A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, "There was a terrible panic when Kate realised the ring had disappeared. Jamie’d had it specially made for her in Santa Fe. It was a Native American ring designed to symbolize Kate’s happy future and Jamie’s role in it. "It was solid silver with a gorgeous blue stone, and was supposed to have all sorts of protective powers. But Kate forgot to put it back in its box… Jamie almost lost his rag (went crazy) when he thought they were going to miss the flight. He had to practically shove her into the car. Poor Kate kept apologizing. But she later joked that the ring’s protective powers left a lot to be desired."
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Pop singer Mariah Carey's huge decision to call her album E=MC2 doesn’t add up, leading mathematicians to insist she "misread" the meaning behind Albert Einstein's formula. The star used Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence sum as the title of her 2008 LP. In interviews to promote the record, Carey told reporters she re-interpreted the equation to stand for "emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two". But Dr David Leslie, lecturer in Statistics Department of Mathematics at Britain’s Bristol University, is slamming the star’s choice of title insisting Carey didn’t properly research the meaning of the equation before using it. He tells the BBC, "(Carey has) misread the algebra. The ‘two’ in the equation means C squared, not MC multiplied by two. The correct reading of the equation is E=MCC, so perhaps Mariah’s re-interpretation should have been ‘Emancipation equals Mariah Carey Carey’?"
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Former toxic singer Britney Spears is determined to stick to her New Years resolution. She wants to quit chewing her fingernails in 2009. The songstress hates biting her nails, and wants manicured and attractive hands. But the singer insists there is a valid reason her dirty habit - she can’t stop worrying. She says, "Next year, I have to learn to stop biting my nails! I would like to stop worrying so much, because I worry all the time. And to learn how to be happier, just in general. I have to learn to take things not so seriously." But Spears doesn’t hold out much hope of sticking to her 2009 promise because she’s never kept a resolution yet. She adds, "I end up breaking them. It’s hard."
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Emma Watson

Emma Watson is hinting she may quit acting after she takes time out to attend university. Watson had previously announced her desire to continue her education and has even applied to a number of colleges, both in the U.K. and America, to start her studies next year. And now the 18-year-old has admitted she is "uncertain" she will return to the big screen after her break. She says, "It’s weird, because I’ve always felt uncertain that acting is what I wanted to do. Just because this has happened to me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing."
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You decide tonight! Come join The Freshmen at The Annex for their New Years Eve Eve Eve show. Come see history in the making. The FreshMen are the hottest new addition to the NYC music scene, breaking all the boundaries between rock star rebellion and hip-hop swag. Brooklyn MCs Pete Hype & Mercy built their reputations over the years as two of the hottest performing solo acts in NY, rocking crowds from the Village to Bushwick and everywhere in between. It was only a matter of time before they became fans of one another's music and decided to collaborate in the studio. Hype's rock and roll attitude and Mercy's sharp hip-hop styling, created the perfect combination and soon enough, they realized that they had created a new genre of rock n' roll influenced hip-hop!! After hearing a copy of Mercy's critically acclaimed first solo disc, Mercy Me: The Beginning, hip-hop producer extraordinaire Devo Springsteen (Kanye West, John Legend, Nas) decided to check out one of their shows. After being blown away by the duo's onstage chemistry and originality, Devo jumped on board to lend his signature bounce to the groups exciting genre-bending sound. It's as if Aerosmith and Run DMC had stayed together—as if Jay-Z and Linkin Park had collaborated on more than one album - A hard-hitting fusion of the best from both the rock and roll and hip-hop worlds. Head over to the Annex tonight to see this great band. 152 Orchard Street, 9pm sharp.

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The gossip is flying over Jennifer Lopez and hubby Mark Anthony, that their marriage is on the rocks. A new report predicts the singing couple will split shortly after Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14th.The pair sparked speculation of a pending divorce after she was photographed without her wedding ring at a film premiere this month, weeks after the couple renewed their wedding vows in a secret Las Vegas Nevada ceremony in October. And although the couple’s spokesperson recently declared the pair are "doing great" in an official statement, the New York Daily News has reported a split announcement is imminent. A source tells the publication, "Marc and Jennifer are planning on announcing their divorce right after Marc’s show at Madison Square Garden on February 14th. "Jennifer is planning on joining Marc onstage for a surprise duet. Things haven’t been right for a while now, and they thought it would be a bittersweet farewell… They’re definitely planning a clean break in February." However, a representative for Anthony insists "none of the rumors are true". Lopez and Anthony, the parents of 10-month-old twins Max and Emme, wed in June of 2004.
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Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise wants to have seven more kids with his wife actress Katie Holmes.The Hollywood star adopted two children - Isabella, 16, and Connor, 13 - with ex-wife Nicole Kidman before becoming a biological parent for the first time in 2006, when Holmes gave birth to their beautiful daughter Suri. The actor is enjoying fatherhood so much, he wants to extend his family further to include more. He tells British newspaper The Sun, "I want ten children. I love kids. I feel really fortunate to have the teenagers and a two and a half-year-old. It’s a great dynamic." And Cruise reserves special praise for his youngest, Suri, adding: "She’s so charming, she’s so beautiful, she’s just great."
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S. Epatha Merkerson

Law And Order actress S. Epatha Merkerson is the subject of a $220,000 lawsuit for allegedly failing to hand over a cut of her earnings on the hit television drama. Bosses at The Gersh Agency insist the crime drama’s 15-year veteran broke an agreement to pay them 10 per cent of the $2,229,084 she has pulled in from the widely syndicated show. They have filed a $229,908.40 suit in a Los Angeles California Supreme Court, according to TMZ.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Heather Mills

Bitch Heather Mills is facing a court battle with her former nanny, following allegations she was made to go far beyond her duties as her daughter’s caretaker. Sara Trumble resigned from her post as nanny to Beatrice Mills, daughter with Beatle Paul McCartney in September. According to the British tabloid Sunday Mirror, Trumble claims Mills made her work as late as midnight, blow dry the ex-model’s hair at 7:30 am and even give her naked spray tans.The pair have 28 days to settle their differences or risk fighting out the dispute in court since Trumble lodged a constructive dismissal claim with an employment tribunal last week. A source tells the publication, "Sara and Heather started out as friends but it all went wrong after Heather’s divorce."Heather is concerned what Sara will say - she was in the heart of the family during the last days of her marriage to Sir Paul right up until after the divorce was finalized." Mills is worth an estimated $35 million following her lengthy divorce from ex-Beatle McCartney earlier this year.
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Private Cigar Room At Beekman Bar And Books

Bar At Beekman Bar And Books

Beekman Bar And Books is the newest addition to the esteemed whiskey and cigar haven Bar And Books. Originally founded in 1990 in New York City by Raju S. Mirchandani, Bar And Books has set a new standard for cigar bars worldwide by redefining the concept of hospitality, sophistication and comfort. These premier and exclusive cigar bars are the first dedicated cigar bars in New York, offering a variety of over 150 whiskeys from Scotland, America, Ireland, Japan, India and New Zealand and a large menu of hand-made cigars from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Upon entering Beekman Bar And Books, patrons are greeted by a cozy lounge area of leather clad seats and small round tables, all of which are surrounded by a library of antique books. Soft lamps created from the establishment’s signature antique wooden monkeys dress the bar as well as the leather crescent-shaped booths and chairs spread throughout the space. Black and white photos decorate the walls leading to a private cigar room tucked away at the rear of this stylish bar. Bar And Books prides itself on their unique form of entertainment; screening classic James Bond films on flat screen televisions played at each location every night. On Mondays, Bar And Books offers complimentary cigars for the ladies and on Tuesdays all whiskies are specially priced.The philosophy is to create an inviting ambiance with a style of service that is second to none, coupled with an elaborate selection of spirits from whiskies and brandies to classic cocktails, light fare, vintage ports, and fine wines. In addition to Beekman Bar And Books, New York locations include, Hudson Bar And Books and Lexington Bar And Books. Bar And Books has also become an international phenomenon with two Bar And Books locations in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Ben Scorah, Mixologist and Managing Partner of Bar And Books, began his career as a teenager in nightlife by working at the world renowned Hacienda night club as a bar back in Manchester, England. While attending England’s Leeds University to pursue a major in Business Management, he served as a bartender at the Warehouse Bar and Pu Na Na. After graduation he moved to London where he became a mixologist at Bodeca, a private members bar at the Flemings Rooms in Mayfair. There he was responsible for a cocktail list of over 50 signature drinks served to London’s elite. After almost 3 years of living in London, he ventured to New York City where he pursued a career in bar management and mixology at Barmarche in Soho for two years before becoming the Managing Partner of Bar And Books. Ben Scorah has won awards for his expertise in mixology from Theme Magazine, 42 Below Vodka, Belvedere Vodka, Rhum Clement, Glenmorangie Whisky and Glenfarclas Whisky.


Miley Cyrus

Pop singing star Miley Cyrus new version of the Christmas classic Little Drummer Boy has become an instant smash hit after the tune was cut from the Hannah Montana holiday special. Miley and her father Billy Ray gathered around the piano for the sing-a-long, but the tune failed to make it into the episode. But the song is becoming one of the most requested new holiday tunes online. Meanwhile, the busy teenager enjoyed taking a break from her jam-packed schedule to enjoy a big family Christmas. She explains, "We’re never really all home on the holidays, so it’s kinda hard to keep traditions alive, but we make sure we’re together, no matter what."
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Pete Wentz

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has tasted his wife Ashlee Simpson's breast milk, describing it as "sourly and weird."The happy couple welcomed their first child, Bronx Mowgli, last month, and the star admits although he won't be sampling Simpson's milk again, the little tot can't get enough. He tells Sirius Satellite Radio, "The baby loves it, it's the only thing he's had a chance to have."Wentz also confesses his wife wasn't the only one to gain weight during her pregnancy. He too managed to gain the pounds while she was expecting. He adds, "I gained 10 pounds, at least. I usually hang out around 135, 134, I go up to about 140, and when I hit 148, I get fat face."I'm working out a little bit. I think it comes off easier for her because she gets to breast feed and I don't have the luxury of doing that."
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Licking Lindsay Lohans Dad Michael allegedly has threatened to release a ton of evidence in a hope to prove lesbian Samantha Ronson is a bad influence on his daughter. Lindsay took to her MySpace blog earlier this week to share her shock at finding out Michael had allegedly fathered a lovechild during his marriage to her mother. She wrote: "I have gone through a lot in my past, and to be completely honest, I am still going through a lot right now. My father just let my family and I know that he had another child after my little sister Aliana, or maybe he had it before Aliana?? Either way, he cheated on my mother and that really sucks." But the elder Lohan is convinced the post was actually written by his daughter’s girlfriend Ronson - and he is now blaming the DJ for Lindsay's stalled career. Michael tells, "What real work has Lindsay done since Sam? Maybe she should follow Britney (Spears) or Drew (Barrymore)’s paths and get rid of the darkness and come into the light." The star’s mad father has even warned Ronson he will spark a media war if another inflammatory post is made about him on his daughter’s web page. He adds, "If one more blog or statement is made people will know the entire truth. I will release e-mails, texts, depositions and audio tapes that will prove everything I have been saying all along. If Sam wants to play, I am ready. But she better be ready too!"
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Socialite Paris Hilton's uncle Steven is grateful for his safety after he confronted two intruders at his Malibu Hills home estate earlier this week. Initial reports suggested Hilton was attacked during a break-in at the mansion. But a spokesperson for Los Angeles California County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed the hotel heir placed an emergency call last Monday after spotting two intruders at his home - but they fled before cops arrived at the scene. Sgt. Janice Benning says, "Two people entered his home. He (Hilton) got away and he called 911, and while he was calling 911, they got away." Authorities have confirmed intruders didn’t steal anything, but a full investigation is ongoing. The incident occurred just days after Hilton’s celebrity niece, Paris Hilton, was burgled, losing an estimated $2 million worth of irreplaceable jewelry.
Click Here To Read About Paris Hilton's Robbery...

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Amy Winehouse

Rehab singer Amy Winehouse is terrified she will join the "27 Club" - the tragic group of rock stars who died in the prime of their life. The star has fought a public battle against drinking and drug addictions and last month, spent time in hospital after suffering an adverse reaction to prescription medication. Now a former aide to the 25-year-old has lifted the lid on her fears and is insisting the singer is obsessed with her own mortality. Alex Haines, Winehouse’s former personal assistant, also estimates the star allegedly spent up to $5,000 a week feeding her drug habits. He tells Britain’s News of the World, "It was my job to look after her. But it was impossible. I thought she wouldn’t survive the year with all the drugs and self-harming. Cutting herself was her favourite pastime… She’d keep taking drugs until she passed out. I reckon she spent £3,500 a week on them." And Haines is very adamant Winehouse has a fear she will die at the age of 27, joining other legendary rock stars including The Doors frontman Jim Morrison, the Rolling Stones star Brian Jones, and Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain. He adds: "She reckoned she would join the 27 Club of rock stars who died at that age. She told me, ‘I have a feeling I’m gonna die young’."

Saturday, December 27, 2008


David Beckham

According to reports, soccer ace David Beckham will be surrounded by Dubai’s biggest ever security operation when he arrives in the Middle East next week. David will be accompanied by 24-hour guards on high alert when he flies into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday amid fears a terrorist attack could occur "at any time", according to a report in U.K. newspaper the Daily Star. Beckham will be in Dubai to make his debut for soccer team AC Milan, and it is expected that the roads around his camps will be sealed off. A security source tells the publication, "We are planning it as if it is a state visit. Security measures could not be any higher. We’re used to stars coming to Dubai but what makes this different are the public appearances he will be making - autograph signing and training sessions." The British Foreign Office increased its threat level to "high" earlier this year, with its current alert warning travellers: "We believe terrorists may be planning to carry out attacks in the UAE. Attacks could be indiscriminate and could happen at any time."
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Actress BernNadette Stanis who is best known for her iconic role as the twenty something hottie on the hit 1970s TV show Good Times wants to do the hit ABC Show Dancing with the Stars. She tells Chris Yandek of, "Dancing with the Stars is one of the shows that I would love to be on. I've actually tried to be on that show, and I can't seem to connect with the people to get me on that show. If there is any way anyone can help me get on that show…that show I want to get on." Ms. Stanis is also giving fans the opportunity to speak to her for a small fee because you enjoys staying in touch with them, "A lot of times people would call me up and they wanted me to speak to their family members or friends and their friend was so happy to speak to me. They would say oh my gosh! I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to talk to a celebrity, to speak to a star and I am so happy. That kind of stuck with me because I would hear that all the time. I said you know what? I wonder if it is possible that I could do something to give my fans an opportunity to actually speak with me and I came up with that. If they just wanted to say hi, $13 would be fine. If they just wanted to talk for about a half hour, $30 would be fine." You can find more information about BernNadette Stanis at She also has an official MySpace page:

Friday, December 26, 2008


Scarlett Johansson

Believe it or not, a tissue used by sniffling Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has garnered $5,300 at auction. During an appearance "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno last week, Johansson claimed she caught a cold from her "The Spirit" co-star Samuel L. Jackson. The television host handed a tissue to the famed actress, who blew her nose with it before joking the snotty cloth could have some value. And Johansson proved she wasn't kidding when she put it on the auction block via the next day, with proceeds benefiting food-gathering charity USA Harvest.The online bidder who coughed up the sum will be announced on Leno's show on Tuesday.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Eartha Kitt

Singing star Eartha Kitt died today of colon cancer at the age of 81. We are very saddened here at Times Square Gossip. For many years we photographed Eartha at events and she always brought class and fun to anyplace she showed up at in New York City. We remember a few years back we were at a huge party at socialite Denise Rich's penthouse apartment over looking Central Park. Female impersonator Jimmy James was performing. He started doing Eartha Kitt impressions and started singing one of Eartha's favorite songs, and he was quite good at playing our legend Eartha. All of a sudden the doorbell rang and the door swung open. In comes Eartha yelling to the stage that she could do it better, and she ran to the stage and the two of them gave us a show that will go down in party history. I remember feeling the goose bumps as Eartha flew to the stage. I was almost in tears. I never saw a show that brought tears to my eyes. This was Eartha. Pure class, pure excitement. The star went from the South Carolina cotton fields to international award-winning stardom. Known to the world as a self-proclaimed "sex kitten" famous for her catlike purr, Kitt was one of America's most versatile performers, winning two Emmys and nabbing a third nomination. She also was nominated for several Tonys and two Grammys. Her career lasted more than six decades, from her start as a dancer with the famed Katherine Dunham troupe to cabarets and acting and singing on stage, in movies and on television. She persevered through an unhappy childhood as a mixed-race daughter of the South and made headlines in the 1960s for denouncing the Vietnam War during a visit to the White House. Once dubbed the "most exciting woman in the world" by Orson Welles, she spent most of her life single, though brief romances with the rich and famous. After becoming a hit singing "Monotonous" in the Broadway revue "New Faces of 1952," Kitt appeared in "Mrs. Patterson" in 1954-55. (Some references say she earned a Tony nomination for "Mrs. Patterson," but only winners were publicly announced at that time.) She also made appearances in "Shinbone Alley" and "The Owl and the Pussycat."Her first album, "RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt," came out in 1954, featuring such songs as "I Want to Be Evil," "C'est Si Bon" and the saucy gold digger's theme song "Santa Baby," which is revived on radio each Christmas.On television, she was the sexy Catwoman on the popular "Batman" series in 1967-68, replacing Julie Newmar who originated the role. A guest appearance on an episode of "I Spy" brought Kitt an Emmy nomination in 1966. This was just a little of what Eartha brought to us. Our life is a little more empty now that we will never see her again. We will miss you Eartha Kitt !
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Superstar Beyonce is planning a relaxing Christmas cruising around the Mediterranean.The singer is making sure her first holidays as a married woman are as stress-free as possible.She says, "I’m taking the whole month off - the end of December and the first week of January. I wanna travel, I wanna go to the South of France. "I wanna relax and maybe go on a boat and stay away from the cameras."You feel like you’re in your own world, you feel like you’re protected from everything and you’re right in the middle of the ocean. "It’s the only time I can really relax, because then I have no excuse; I’m stuck and I have to take care of myself and eat good food… I can’t escape."

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Shia LaBeouf

Sexy Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf has undergone a second operation on his hand, just five months after he was injured in a car crash in Los Angeles California. Shia had surgery right after the accident in July, but reportedly postponed a second operation to allow him to complete filming the sequel "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen." Movie bosses were forced to rewrite some of the script to include LaBeouf's injury. The 22-year-old went underwent another procedure two weeks ago, according to the New York Daily News, and he is now recovering at home. A representative for the star has confirmed the operation was a success: "Shia had one surgery postponed for 'Transformers 2,' but there's no additional complications now. It's taken a while, but the surgery has been completed and Shia should be healing fine."
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Jesus Juice creator Michael Jackson has announced he is preparing for a comeback world tour, and is slamming recent media reports that he is suffering from a deadly lung condition. Author Ian Halperin ignited rumors the star was seriously ill after telling Britain's Sunday Express this week that Jackson is suffering from a condition known as Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (A1AD), a potentially fatal genetic illness. Halperin, who is writing a new book about Jackson's life, also alleged the "Thriller" singer is losing the vision in his left eye and even needs a lung transplant after developing emphysema, which can be caused by A1AD. But a spokesperson for the star is insisting that Jackson is perfectly healthy and is even preparing to step back into the spotlight for a world tour.His publicist says: "Concerning this author's allegations, we would hope in the future that legitimate media will not continue to be exploited by such an obvious attempt to promote this unauthorized 'biography.'"The writer's wild allegations concerning Mr. Jackson's health are a total fabrication. Mr. Jackson is in fine health, and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company and television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances."


After her home robbery, Paris Hilton is in the pink once again. The hotel queen has treated herself to a $200,000 rose colored Bentley. The socialite dished out on her dream car as a special Christmas gift to herself. The customized Continental GT has pink bodywork, tires and interior, with personally monogrammed seats and tinted windows. She showed off the vehicle during a shopping trip in Los Angeles California with Brittany Flickinger, the winner of her reality TV show "My New BFF," this week. Hilton says, "I love it, it's so pretty. I've just always wanted a pink car. I think when you're a little girl and you have the Barbie Corvette you're like, 'I wish I had a car like this one'. So I think (it's) just being a fan of Barbie for so long. "This is a car I can't drive every single day, but I will be driving it a lot. I live in a gated community so I can get in and out without the paparazzi. They've put a protective tint on the windows so no flashes can come through." No word yet on what Paris Has bought for us at Times Square Gossip !


David Hasselhoff

Former Baywatch star and singer David Hasselhoff, sings the national Anthem at the 2008 Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada the other day. David brought the house down and it seems his life is getting better. Have a great New Year David and say hello to Judy K.
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Magic Johnson

Earvin "Magic" Johnson was at his book signing at Borders in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new book is called '32 Ways to be a champion in business'. The former basketball star should know, he's made zillions in business deals and at the same time has had a very successful fight with HIV-AIDS. We wish Magic all the best and a great healthy New Year.
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King Penguin Properties, LLC (KPP) is a New York-based real estate firm specializing in the acquisition of commercial, residential, multi-family and parking/storage spaces that passionately believes in the power of careful market segmentation and geographic diversification. Before investing in a particular region, KPP first identifies the particular region’s market potential; whether it be as a rapid growth market; one of rapid growth, experiencing rapid population growth and high demand for real estate, or a stable and mature market, alternatively beyond the high growth phase but with the ability to experience rapid growth again in the near future, or finally a declining market, in which real estate properties may prove to be very attractive if they are purchased at low enough levels. KPP adjusts its acquisition strategy accordingly depending on which of the above markets, post due diligence it is investing in. The King Penguin Properties portfolio holds multiple residential, commercial, multi-family, office, and self-storage space at several locations. A few of KPP’s commercial properties include, Trump Place, in which they hold multiple residential and storage units located on the Upper West Side of New York City, Trump Chicago, where they own both residential and commercial properties at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, anticipated to be completed by 2010 and will be one of the tallest buildings in downtown Chicago, located directly on the Chicago River and The Trump Baja in Baja, Mexico, located just fifteen miles from downtown San Diego, CA, and New York City Storage, which comprises several multiple storage units within luxury buildings throughout New York City. KPP also owns Williamsport, PA., a commercial building in which Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse as its anchor tenant, Grosse Point, MI, a multi-tenant commercial building with a Men’s Warehouse as its anchor tenant. Grosse Pointe is a high-income community just outside of Detroit known for the beautiful Lake St. Clair coastline. In fact, this community was home to many of the former auto barons of Detroit including the Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler families. KPP has developed a strong presence overseas with the ownership of Yekaterinburg in Russia, a 137,500 square foot mixed-use commercial and office space with Bank Soyuz as its anchor tenant. Bank Soyuz recently ranked eighth in the “Profile Magazine” rating of 100 largest, most-reliable banks in Russia and is among the 40 largest banks in Russia. Yekaterinburg is the fifth-largest city in Russia and is situated on the eastern side of the Ural Mountains on the Iset River and Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations located in the south of Croatia. KPP also holds residential properties in addition to commercial at Grosse Point, MI, Trump Chicago and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Michael Mikelic, founder and president of King Penguin Properties, LLC, received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan and successfully completed both level one of the CFA and CMT examinations. Michael currently sits on the board at Trump Place and directs King Penguin Properties’ policy and process relating to acquisitions, asset management, dispositions and financial reporting. Michael has a deep understanding of real estate and financial markets due to his experience over the past decade of working at major financial institutions in New York City. Michael Mikelic founded King Penguin Properties, LLC in 1998. In recognition of endangered species, King Penguin Properties donates a portion of its proceeds to wildlife organizations, including the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dustin Hoffman And Radioman

Dustin Hoffman stopped by "The Late Show with David Letterman" at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. He took the time out to pose with Big Apple icon Radioman outside the studio. Dustin is such a nice guy. I remember going to his Madison avenue office one day to photograph him with this boxer who was injured in the ring. He was helping to raise money for medical treatment. He chatted with me for hours and went to his refrigerator and offered me a Popsicle. Pure class!
Photo By: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital.


Nicole Kidman

Award winning actress Nicole Kidman has upset locals in her native city of Sydney by mooring her yacht outside an exclusive apartment block, despite no longer having a home there. Residents of the Pier 6/7 block in Walsh Bay, Sydney, are reportedly angry that Kidman, who recently sold her mansion there, has been allowed to keep her large luxury boat, the Hokulani, tied up outside. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, locals have begun a campaign to have the vessel removed, insisting the estate's committee has been too lenient on Kidman because she is such a well-known star. A spokesperson for the actress has denied Kidman has been getting preferential treatment, telling the paper that the governing committee "would never do anything just because it's her."The rep also insisted that the yacht will be removed next week.


Ben Stiller

Hollywood star Ben Stiller is recovering after breaking his hand in a bad snowboarding accident. The famed actor was admitted to New York's Mount Sinai Hospital on Sunday. A source tells the New York Daily News, "One of the hospital's top hand specialists was called in to treat him."Stiller was discharged from the medical center later that day. A representative for the star says, "I can confirm that he broke his hand snowboarding."

Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Lindsay Lohan

Licking lesbian Samantha Ronson is benefiting from her close relationship with fellow licker Lindsay Lohan. The DJ's booking fee has reportedly increased by nearly twenty times since she began dating the former actress. Lohan has refused to confirm the nature of her relationship with Ronson, but she has been romantically linked to her since they were spotted kissing and cuddling at a party in Cannes, France, earlier this year. And Ronson, who was allegedly hospitalized on Sunday with exhaustion, is certainly benefiting from her relationship with Lindsay. Her appearance fee is said to have jumped from around $1,500 to as much as $25,000 since she became close to Lohan. A source tells Britain's Daily Express, "While Sam never contractually agrees that Lindsay will show up to her shows, promoters, owners and publicists all know that if you book Sam, there's a high likelihood Lindsay will also show."Sam's now asking for a lot more money to spin and she's getting it easily."
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Former television star Courteney Cox tries to remain very upbeat when she is out in public, because she can't stand it when cameras catch her in a bad mood.The former "Friends" actress is admitting her fame has provided her with tremendous opportunity both personally and professionally, but say she tires of putting on a happy face to please the public. She says, "The only thing I don't like about fame is that you have to be in a good mood if you're going to go someplace. If you're in a bugged mood, that's the worst thing."But Cox admits she's not afraid of having it out with her actor husband, David Arquette, if the two are caught mid-argument. She adds, "If I'm in a fight, I won't stop. It doesn't matter who's looking. I don't have modesty issues or personal issues and David does. It's a big deal to him. I will yell (and) all of a sudden, no one exists."
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna


Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag Last Night In NYC

"The Hills" stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have called off their marriage. The sexy couple have decided against making their union official. The reality television stars jetted off to Mexico last month to tie the knot in secret, and they were due to make their marriage legal with a legitimate ceremony at the Beverly Hills, California courthouse. But the couple opted out of the wedding at the last minute, in the footage filmed for the television series. Pratt was seen telling his partner, "I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams that you have been talking about for three years. I'll deal with it. It's worth it to be with you the rest of my life. We'll do it the way you want, I'm sorry. I love you so much." The footage was shown last night.

Photo By: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital.


In the January 7th issue of Steppin' Out, Penthouse Pet Of The Year 2009, Taya Parker (soon to star in VH1's new season of "Rock of Love") tells Chaunce Hayden about the time she gave Harrison Ford a very disappointing lap dance.....
Taya Parker

I once gave Harrison Ford a lap dance and he wasn't very nice. He really wasn't. Most of my experiences with celebrities have not been good. But with him it was especially bad. He came into the club where I was working and rounded up a couple of girls. I remember him as coming across very arrogant. He wanted everybody to know he was in charge. He hired me to dance for him but then he was acting nasty about it. He was acting like he wasn't into it. So why be in the strip club at all? He had me and four other girls all at once. I wish I could climb into his head and understand why he would want four of us. Maybe it's because he doesn't have to commit to one girl. All I know is, I couldn't get Han Solo out of my head. I thought maybe if I have this really hot Chewbacca custom he would have been turned on by me. He was good looking for an older guy, but he wouldn't be my personal preference if he tried to take me home.


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Dhaba Bar

Located in New York’s famed Curry Hill, Chef Shiva Natarajan’s new restaurant Dhaba brings a fresh take on Indian fare by showcasing authentic Northern Indian and Punjabi cuisine. Traditionally, “dhabas” are eateries commonly found in the outskirts of metros in Northern India and are widely reputed to serve authentic local food. More recently, dhabas are sprouting all over cosmopolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, bringing their brand of authentic, flavorful food to city connoisseurs. Dhaba offers a full menu and several specialty menus such as Dhaba After Hours, the British Curry House, and an extensive vegetarian selection. Favorites include familiar “dhaba” staples such as Sarson ka Saag and Makki da Roti, but also spotlights a wide array of Punjabi dishes such as Hare Nimbu wale Murgh, Chicken Kaali Mirch, Punjab da Lauki Masala, Shalgam Saag and Bharvan Shimla Mirch. The menu features popular Northern Kabobs such as Paneer Taash Kabob, Kakori Kabob, and Adrak ki Champ. These broad menu choices are sure to delight the palate of New York City gourmands.Shiva’s vision of a dhaba with a modern twist was made a reality with the help of designer Thida Thong Thai. Low lamps hang discreetly within the restaurant resembling the street lamps that hang over these traditional eateries. The emblematic earthy greens, natural beiges and dark brown silks combined with magenta and orange accents add a luxurious tone to the dining room. A large communal banquet table in the center keeps with the characteristic dhaba homage. The colorful glass tunnel entrance, decorative spice bottles and steel bar with colorful glass bangles are an unexpected surprise that adds a touch of modern flair while still in tune with its traditional presence. Born to a South Indian family and raised in Calcutta, Shiva enjoyed an exposure to both North and South Indian food. This background laid a foundation for his ease with regional Indian food. Shiva’s greatest culinary influence was his Grandmother Savitri who was a local culinary expert. He spent countless hours in the kitchen with her developing what would become his life-long passion for food. He attended high school in India and obtained an MBA at Pace University in New York City. He also traveled throughout India experiencing many different cuisine styles of his native country. Shiva is a veteran to the East Coast restaurant industry having opened seven highly regarded restaurants; Chola and Tadka in New York City, Chola, Malabar Hill and Bombay Bar & Grill in Connecticut, Jaipore Royal Indian Cuisine in Brewster New York and Bombay at the Black Swan Inn in Lee, Massachusetts. Shiva’s cooks have appeared on several TV shows such as The Martha Stewart Show, CBS, NBC and Fox News.