Singing star Gwen Stefani is very annoyed with her husband Gavin Rossdale for including a duet they recorded for fun on his new album. The former No Doubt singer offered to lend her voice to Rossdale’s track Some Days, while he was working on his latest album, Wanderlust, but the new mother never expected the song to make it to the final cut. And Rossdale admits his partner is still upset with him for leaving the song on the album. He tells Fox News, "It was cool to have her on the track. She heard me working on it and came up to investigate. Then she told me she had an idea and offered to sing, which turned out great. "But I think she is still annoyed I kept it on the record. I’ll probably get in trouble for that."

Photo By: RD / Leon / Retna Ltd.


Anonymous said…
She should be complimented he cares so much for her.