Megan Fox

Elisha Cuthbert

Adam Brody

Leonardo DiCaprio

Sexy Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and actor John Malkovich walked away with the top awards at this year’s GQ Men of the Year ceremony. Leonardo picked up the Leading Man Trophy, while Malkovich was named Mad Genius of the Year at the men’s magazine awards ceremony in Los Angeles California last night. President-elect Barack Obama was given the nod as Game Changer of the Year, actor Jon Hamm was handed the Breakout award and Olympic champion Michael Phelps took home the ultimate accolade for Golden Boy of the Year. The star studded event brought in some of Hollywood’s biggest male stars, including DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Adam Brody and Aaron Eckhart. The event also had some sexy ladies including Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson and Elisha Cuthbert. The main list of winners is as follows: Leading Man: Leonardo DiCaprio Game Changer: Barack Obama Breakout: Jon Hamm Golden Boy: Michael Phelps Mad Genius of the Year: John Malkovich Obsession of the Year: Megan Fox Drama Queen of the Year: Sean Penn Screen Idol of the Year: James Franco Tough Guys of the Year: The Wire Writers Mogul of the Year: Seth MacFarlane Prick of the Year: Gordon Ramsay.
Photos By: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.