Miley Cyrus With Micky Mouse At Bash

Pop sensation Miley Cyrus has angered several residents close to Disneyland when fireworks were let off late in to the night at her Sweet Sixteen party in California. The Hannah Montana actress doesn’t turn 16 until November 23rd, but bosses at Disney threw a special party for her at the theme park on Sunday, closing it to the public for the whole day.The big event, which was attended by former supermodels Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford, and actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt and Demi Lovato, ended in a lavish fireworks display above Sleeping Beauty Castle. But residents were left fuming when the noise went on past 11.30 pm on Sunday night. And one has reportedly vented his fury in an email to gossip columnist Perez Hilton. It reads: "as u probably know the fireworks at Disneyland go off at 9:30 on most nights. apparently when u get tons of money for a private party, you get fireworks at 11:30 pm. on a Sunday! "We thought an explosion went off over there! (we live real close) when the fireworks go off normally they always start small and then escalate (sic). Last night it was just BOOM BOOM! and it was very late. Most people I'm sure were in bed getting ready for a tedious work week to try to pay off a home that they may lose, but not Miley. She got a fourth of July worthy fireworks show and so did thousands of Anaheim residents who had no idea it was coming."