Hollywood star Nicole Kidman's trainer and personal assistant has hit the headlines after allegedly beating up a paparazzo in Santa Monica, California. photographer Jeremy needed medical attention after his violent encounter with David Garris yesterday which was partially caught on video. In the footage, which has been posted online, the trainer is seen approaching Jeremy’s vehicle and attacking the photographer through the window.The video footage then ends but the audio captures the snapper’s outrage and anguish as Garris allegedly lashes out at him, raging, "You can’t f**king chase me, you’re f**king with me… I’m f**king sick of you guys." Jeremy was trying to get pictures of pregnant Kidman and her trainer hiking when the attack took place. According to, the trainer reportedly briefly "stole" their photographer’s camera.Photos of Jeremy’s bruised and battered face after the attack are also featured on the Flynet website.According to the website, police are currently investigating the incident. You can see this video by clicking here.