Cindy Adams

Nicole Kidmans publicist must be crazy to take on the legend herself, Cindy Adams. Catherine Olim, who won't be a publicist for long, is slamming reports the pregnant actress was spotted boozing backstage at the Oscars, insisting the star would never be so careless with her health. New York Post icon Cindy Adams claimed Kidman was sipping wine at the Academy Awards on Sunday, and her report has fired up publicist Catherine Olim. Olim fumes, "Nicole Kidman most certainly did not drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage. She had water and lemon zinger tea. That’s it. I know, I was there with her."I cannot remember that last time that Cindy Adams got anything right. She’s an idiot, and you can quote me."
Editors Note: Knowing Cindy Adams very well, she rarely gets anything wrong. You must be one of those valley girl publicists who have no idea how this business works. A phone call to Cindy would have settled your problems. If there was some kind of mistake, Cindy is always the first to correct. Now Miss. Catherine Olim, get ready for the wrath of Cindy Adams !