Sean Connery has had secret throat cancer fears for 20 years, but doctors have now given him the all-clear.The legendary actor has been having tests for two decades to determine whether growths in his throat were cancerous. His brother Neil has now revealed he and the star both suffer from polyps. Neil told Scotland's Daily Record newspaper: "Sean was in New York for his check up. I'm pleased to say he passed. He had polyps on his throat, as Idid, and it is on going."It is something which needs to be followed through. You have to have yearly checks and that is why Sean went to the hospital, just to make sure everything was all right."Concerns for the 76-year-old Scottish star's health were first sparked when he dropped out of a New York Tartan Week event two weeks ago for medical tests. The actor had been due to host a charity show but had to cancel. Days later, the former James Bond actor rejoined the event and assured fans he was in good health. Neil, 68, says he and his older brother have both suffered with polyps -harmless growths in the throat which can sometimes can develop into cancer. Sean's father died from throat cancer aged 69, which is why doctors are particularly keen to keep a close eye on the brothers.While filming in Africa in 1993, Sean was rushed home when he lost his voice due to throat problems, and later received radio therapy treatment.The actor had a tumour, believed to be benign, removed from his kidney last year.