Antonella Barba with friend Amanda Coluccio

Well I got the supprise of my life today while I was doing one of my regular Radio Gigs on Maryland's top radio station Ocean 98. The morning show "RUDE AWAKENING" with hosts Bulldog (left with James Edstrom) and Snoopy really put me to the test about www.TimesSquareGossip.Com . They were questioning me about the photos I have posted on my site of American Idol contestant Antonella Barba, asking me if they were real. I explained they were, then next thing I knew they had former American Idol contestant Amanda Coluccio, Antonella's best friend on the air with me.
I guess they woke her up when they called her. She was throwing up and choking on the phone, and Bulldog kept asking her if they got her at a bad time, she kept saying how sick she was. But instead of Bulldog saying, we will call another time, he went on to his grilling about American Idol and Antonella Barba. Amanda said the pics on my site were real, but the oral sex photos making their rounds were fake and of some other porn star which she knows. They were not Antonella Barba ! We I asked her if Antonella would do Playboy magazine as it has been reported, and she said no way. Antonella is too shy and besides her parents would die. It will never happen. Then she said she would for the right money. She asked,"How much do they pay" and I told her I thought it was around 85 thousand for a first timer. She replied "I want a 100 thousand, and I will do". We asked her why there were'nt pictures of her floating around the internet and she said "Im too smart".
Amanda is also no big fan of Rosie O'Donnell. When Bulldog asked her what she thought of Rosie's comments, she said she did not care what Rosie thought, she was just jealous of Antonella because she does not look so good. When Bulldog said "weren't there naked pics of Rosie floating around years ago', Amanda said if she saw them she would vomit. We then asked her why no lawsuit over all the pics, she said that it has helped Antonella's career and everyone just wants it to go away. I asked Amanda to send me a couple of pics of her, she bounced back with "what you going to use them for". She said,"they compare me to Antonella who is beautiful, but I'm beautiful too ! " We went to her website and we looked at pictures of her. She is ! And shes a real nice girl too. She's also a good friend to Antonella. Thanks for talking to us and I'm sending a e-mail to Hugh Hefner to get you your Playboy spread !


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shes pretty. right on.
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Great story.
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Love that show. I live in Maryland.