Troubled star Lindsay Lohan is "amazing", "great" and "happy" four weeks into her stint in a Los Angeles rehab, according to her mother Dina. Lohan checked into the Wonderland Center in January in a bid to "take care of my personal health". Dina says it's having a positive affect on the actress. She tells People magazine , "She's amazing. She's great and she's happy."She's in a really good space right now." Paris Hilton demanded a staggering $500,000 to appear as a guest on Charlotte Church's British talk show. The singer was stunned by the 25-year-old's diva behaviour and turned her down flat. Church says, "Before the first series, Paris Hilton tried to demand $500,000 to come on the show. I certainly don't agree with what Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan do. There's no need to go out without your knickers on."


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