Noel Gallagher says Oasis will never split up. Despite his often tempestuous relationship with brother and bandmate Liam, the guitarist insists he will never disband the group because his still wouldn't be rid of his troublesome sibling anyway. He told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "If we weren't related, Oasis would have ended after a couple of records. But I have always got to put up with Liam. There's always Christmas and kids' birthday parties. And, as bad as it sometimes is being in a band together, I think it would be worse for each of us not working with each other. I don't know why I say that, because in theory it would be bliss, but I kind of know, deep down, that it wouldn't work."Noel insists Liam, known for his wild behaviour and outspoken views, still hasn't grown up and is very much still a "very silly man". He added: "He's still a very silly man. He's got really long hair at the moment, he looks like a lunatic. He still talks out of his arse 23 hours a day. It's like a comedy sketch. You say, 'Liam, what about putting a choir on that song?' And he says, 'Yeah, brilliant. Fucking choir, man. Top.' Then someone will go, 'Choir? That's a bit poncey, isn't it?' 'Yeah, no, choirs are shit mate. Fucking rubbish.' So you can have good fun with him in the studio."Oasis will collect the prestigious Outstanding Contribution To Music award at next week's BRITs and are set to close the ceremony with a performance of their biggest hits.