Kate Moss Better Dump Pete Doherty For Good !

Kate Moss has had It with druggie Pete Doherty according to reports from Londons Daily Telegraph. The newspaper reports, friends of the 32-year-old model, Miss Moss has been advised to 'distance herself' from the Babyshambles star. It follows the publication of pictures showing the bare-chested drug addict 'shooting up' in a grubby Thai backpackers' hostel. They were allegedly taken two days after the couple exchanged rings during a New Year's Day 'commitment ceremony' on Phuket. According to reports that first appeared in The Sun, Doherty, 27, had left the exclusive resort where they were staying to seek out drugs. He was recognised by an Australian fan who invited him back to her room with her and two female friends. Once there, Doherty was filmed injecting himself on a bed strewn with drugs paraphernalia and cash. He can also be seen talking to someone - possibly Moss - on a mobile phone while he gets high. Last night a source close to the model said: "Kate is understandably livid about these pictures. That they were taken just two days after their special commitment ceremony simply adds insult to injury. "Of course Kate still loves Pete and vice-versa but she's a clever woman and knows that she has got to put her career first. Kate needs to start looking after herself - or at least be seen to be doing so - and has been strongly advised to take some time off from Pete. "This means not getting herself photographed with him and certainly no raucous nights out - at least until the fuss has all died down a bit." Her decision comes amid increasing pressure for her to clean up her act, and less than 18 months after she was apparently pictured snorting cocaine in a London recording studio. There are also rumours that the Croydon-born model is about to be dropped as the face of Rimmel cosmetics because her party-loving lifestyle has made her look 'old'. Earlier this week Moss accompanied Doherty to a London rehabilitation clinic. It is not thought, however, that she is having any treatment herself. The latest pictures of him come less than a year after he avoided jail despite pleading guilty to seven charges of drug possession. Instead he was sentenced to a year of rehabilitation and ordered to undergo monthly drug tests. Last night Peter Stoker, from the National Drugs Prevention Alliance, accused magistrates of being too soft on the singer. He said: "Peter Doherty clearly has his own problems but what concerns us more is that he's encouraging other people to develop their own drug problems in the future and that can't be right. "He should have been required by the courts to attend residential rehab - not for just a few weeks but for several months - to help him live his life more healthily and less destructively." Kate Moss is not in Rehab with Doherty that some news outlets have reported, according to her publicist.
We always believe publicists, Don't we kiddies ?