Matthew Knowles And Daughter Beyonce

Beyoncé Knowles' father refused to watch her pose in a skimpy bikini for Sports Illustrated magazine.The singer - who was terrified about appearing on the cover of the magazine's famous annual swimsuit issue - has revealed her father Matthew,who is also her manager, couldn't bear to see her pose in revealing beachwear. Beyoncé said: "Kelly Rowland showed up. My mom was there, so was my nephew. Dad was going to come, but he said, 'Well, I'll meet you in Orlando aftert he shoot. I'm not so sure that I want to see this. All my blessings -you're a big girl. But I'm not so sure I want to see it.' "Beyoncé - who is following in the footsteps of Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks by posing in a swimsuit for the magazine - embarked on a strict diet to prepare for the shoot. She said: "I had to watch what I ate, which was tough because the shoot was right after Thanksgiving. At dinner, I kept thinking, 'This extra piece of pie will show up.'"I always make sure I celebrate it up, but I was so terrified with every little thing I ate this year."The shoot took a lot of guts. I'm a really shy person. Everyday I play a character and I had to tap into that."The 25-year-old singer-and-actress is proud of the photographs and can't wait to show them to her children - when she has them. Beyoncé said: "These are photographs I can show my kids some day. I can say,'See, momma was beautiful. Look how good I looked!' "


Anonymous said…
Her father is nuts anyway.
Anonymous said…
boring story.
Anonymous said…
her father is stupid. being on the cover of a magazine is tough because u have to watch what u eat. i think its an accoplishment being that she was the first black women to be on the cover of it.i mean it is his daughter. i'm not trying to hate on the knowles family but he's been acting a lot like tha lately. I love u beyonce