Beyoncé Knowles insists she looked like a "cotton bud" in 'Dreamgirls'.The normally curvaceous singer-and-actress went on a liquid-only diet to slim down for her role as Motown singer Deena Jones in the movie, but admits she didn't like her smaller physique. She told Britain's Elle magazine: "I didn't recognise myself during filming because I looked like a cotton bud and that wasn't a nice feeling. I look better with a few pounds on my bones."In 'Dreamgirls' - which is loosely based on the career of sixties girl group The Supremes - Beyoncé's character is asked to become the lead singer of The Dreamettes after original lead vocalist Effie White - played by Jennifer Hudson - is deemed too large. Beyoncé admits she found her drastic crash-course diet a nightmare and couldn't wait to start eating again, because she loves her "fattening" foods.The 25-year-old star, who is dating rapper Jay-Z, said: "I love fried fish, fried shrimp and all different types of pasta. If it's fattening, I love it! The trouble is it goes to my sides, my hips and my butt real quick."