Will Smith is planning to move to Africa.The 'Bad Boys' star filmed Muhammed Ali biopic 'Ali' in South Africa and wants to relocate there with his family. He told Britain's Empire magazine: "We want to move to Africa. Actually, I found a house in South Africa, but it was before 9/11 and when that happened, we thought, being Americans, it was a time to be home. But I just loved South Africa. I definitely felt like there was magic there and it was a magic I wanted my family to experience." Despite his plans to leave the US, Smith is still fiercely loyal to his native country. He said: "I've been travelling around for the past year and the perception of America and Americans is not great around the world, but I think the ideas behind this country are some of the most artistic, poetic ideas assembled around the idea of a government. I feel the mid-term elections are going to push us more into line with the original concepts and ideas that the forefathers had for what it means to be American."