Tom Cruise And Cult Leader David Miscavige

Tom Cruise is the "Christ" of Scientology.The actor, who is a devout follower of the bizarre sci-fi cult, has been hailed by leaders of the faith as the "chosen one" who will spread the word of the religion. High-ranking Scientologist David Miscavige is convinced in years to come Cruise, 44, will be worshipped like Jesus all over the world as he becomes a prophet for the religion. A source close to the actor is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Tom has been told he is Scientology's Christ-like figure. Just like Christ, he has been criticised for his views. But future generations will realise he was right, just like Jesus."Cruise, who is one of the top ranking Scientologists, joined the Church of Scientology in the mid-80s and his wife Katie Holmes has also converted the faith.The religion's founder, American science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard,claimed that extra terrestrial beings were sent to planet Earth by intergalactic ruler Xenu, who then blew up the aliens with hydrogen bombs in a volcano.