Mel B is under 24-hour police guard after suffering abuse from aggressive Eddie Murphy fans.The former Spice Girl - who is seven months pregnant with what she claims to be the actor's child - has been barraged daily with insults from obsessive fans, who have set up a hate camp outside her Los Angeles home. Mel - who was recently dumped by the 'Dr. Dolittle' star during an interview on Dutch TV - feels so intimidated, she is planning to move out of the house, which she shares with her seven-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi. A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Her life is being made intolerable by Eddie's fans. They shout insults and give her abuse all the time. The police have decided to place an officer outside to keep an eye on things."Since their bitter break-up, Eddie has demanded a paternity test to prove he really is the father of the singer's unborn child. Mel was recently reported to be planning to announce the DNA test results on live television to take revenge on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' actor.

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