The last time pr-poobah DAVID SALIDOR (Left) worked on a young singer with an amazing reach, it was DEBORAH GIBSON ... Now, he's locked onto the hottest unsigned singer in the country, 14-year old LEXY, from Charlotte, North Carolina. With a CD coming out next week in Canada (produced by MARK S. BERRY-who's worked with DAVID BOWIE; DURAN, DURAN, BILLY IDOL, and BOY GEORGE and CHRISTOPHER ROJAS- who's written and produced for JESSICA SIMPSON; NICK LACHEY; PINK; JOSS STONE; and THE BACKSTREET BOYS), a bidding war has erupted in the States for her. Says Salidor, "Mark Berry found this singer, who's all of 14, going on 15, who is simply the REAL deal. She's possesses an amazing talent and poise ... With the combination of him and Christopher Rojas, they've delivered one of the better CDs I've heard in years. "With the legendary-barrister PAUL SCHINDLER behind them all, an U.S. deal is imminent. She's worked with Beyonce's vocal Coach Kim Wood and next month lands in New York for a series of events.

Soon To Be Star 'LEXY'