Madonna is paying for a civil servant from the Malawian adoption ministry to study in Britain.The singer agreed to pay around $40.000 towards Willard Manjolo's living expenses and tuition fees four months before she was granted temporary custody of Malawian orphan David Banda. Malawian lawyer Justin Dzodzi, who is campaigning for a legal challenge against the adoption, told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper: "The sponsorship of Mr Manjolo could be construed as payment for the adoption.The entire circumstances surrounding the case need to be re-examined and this latest disclosure is something we would wish to bring before the courts."


Madonna offered to pay for Manjolo's tuition fees when she was told the Malawian government needed more trained social welfare officers. Adrina Mchiela, principal secretary for Malawi's Ministry for Gender and Child Welfare, said: "She asked us whether we had any problems and we saw our chance. We told her the ministry lacked trained personnel and asked if she could help. "Madonna indicated a willingness to sponsor more officers.We just need to inform her of our need."Manjolo, 40, started a social work degree at Swansea University, in Wales,last September, a month before Madonna and David left Malawi. Manjolo insists he was not involved in Madonna's adoption case and has never met the singer, adding: "It is unfortunate if people use their wealth to manipulate events, but I don't think it happened in this case. Her application was considered on merit. I have been trying to do this course since 1984 but funding was a problem. It was only last August that I was told the money had finally been sourced. This course will help my department to develop a policy to encourage Malawians to adopt Malawians."Madonna has so far failed to comment on the matter.