Jean Shafiroff And Elizabeth Stribling

French Heritage Society closed out their 40th Anniversary celebrations with a Gilded
Age themed gala on Thursday, November 17th, honoring philanthropist Jean Shafiroff and
chaired by Liz McDermott Barnes, CeCe Black, Michael Kovner, Jean Doyen de
Montaillou, and Ann Van Ness.

Queen Dambi Of The Congo With Rebecca Seawright And Jean Shafiroff .

Events Chairman CeCe Black opened the ceremonies, followed by remarks from Board
Chairman Elizabeth Stribling and President Denis de Kergorlay. Mrs. Stribling said, “I’m so
happy to introduce my great friend, Jean Shafiroff. She is a marvelous board member of French
Heritage Society and the loveliest person with a great heart. When we decided to honor American
Philanthropy at our 40th Anniversary Gala in Paris, we immediately knew we had to keep our own
Jean for the New York Gala. No one supports New York charities better than Jean!” Jean accepted
her award – a statuesque trophy by Daum – dressed in a shimmering gold ball gown. The designer,
Malan Breton, was at her table with international friends including Her Royal Highness Queen
Diambi, Democratic Republic of Congo. New York Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright
presented Jean with a Congressional Record plaque, signed by Congresswoman Carolyn B.
Maloney, for her philanthropic and humanitarian work.

Jérémie Robert, Consul General of France in NY, said "I want to congratulate French Heritage
Society for your 40 years of ceaseless commitment to preserving the architecture of France, and
places of French inspiration in the United States. You’ve made truly incredible contributions to
this architecture and this legacy, financing more than 600 restoration projects since the society was
launched. Their restoration projects are diverse and ambitious; Repairing and beautifying
chateaux, rehabilitating abbeys, churches, la maison d’éducation de la Légion d’Honneur, forts,
parks, and much more. You also rose to the occasion when Notre Dame was almost destroyed by
a great fire, mobilizing your impressive network to raise funds to help save and rebuild the
cathedral. Merci."

Dinner Chair and Young Patrons Circle member, Stark D. Kirby Jr., shared “Young Patrons are
the future of any organization, and while French Heritage Society may work to preserve the
treasures of our past, it does so with an eye to the future.”

Later in the evening, Nicholas Dawes of Heritage Auctions took the podium to lead a very
successful live auction and “fan raise”. Celebrations concluded with dancing to live music by the
Bob Hardwick Sound.

Additional guests included FHS Executive Director Jennifer Herlein, FHS Board Members Yann
Coatanlem, Christian Draz, Ronald Lee Fleming, David Gray, Rosann Gutman, Judy
McLaren, and Jacqueline Wilson, Dinner Chairmen Ben Barnes, Lee Black, Kenneth and Lady
Maria Fishel, Martin Shafiroff, William Van Ness, Honorary Chairmen Bonnie
Comley and Stewart F. Lane, Margaret and Gregory Hedberg (past honorees), New York
Chapter Chairmen Guy Robinson and Odile de Schiétère-Longchampt, Young Patron Circle
Co-Chairs Johnsonie Casimyr, Blake Funston, and Elizabeth Hartnett, as well as Marian and
Richard Bott, Caroline Brownstone, Sharon Bush and Bob Murray, Missy VanBuren-Brown
and Tom Brown, Celso Gonzalez-Falla, Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Margo Langenberg,
Sana Sabbagh, Roberta Sandeman and Arthur Houghton, Barbara Tober, Lynn and Pascal
Franchot Tone, and Carole Bellidora Westfall.

About French Heritage Society

Founded in 1982, French Heritage Society is an American nonprofit organization with ten chapters
in the U.S. and one in France. Its central mission is to ensure that the treasures of our shared French
architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations. Over the past 40 years,
FHS has given over 650 restoration grants to properties throughout France and in the U.S. and
selected and supported more than 530 university students who have crossed the Atlantic for
internships at esteemed institutions. Its emergency Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund has raised
nearly $2.6 million to date.

Photos Courtesy Of Patrick McMullan