Fedex Lost Packages

I am really getting tired of Amazon and other stores using Fedex. Packages are lost over and over again and it really is not right.

Fedex has lost everything from whole beds we ordered to just a coffee pot. We watch things being tracked and bam, they disappear from tracking and are gone forever. We have to take the time to call Amazon or the store where we ordered, we spend hours on hold on the phone and it is just not right. When things are not lost, we watch tracking from one part of the country to another than back to other parts of the country. We wait and wait, my son gets upset and the aggravation makes me just want to go down the street and buy it there. We live in NYC and can get anything, sometimes I wonder why we even order online. 

Fedex needs to change. Thousands of complaints online just the past week. How can whole beds just disappear, how can so many packages get lost and how can so much energy be used to send packages all over the country? A recent Box Spring order also made it's rounds. One arrived and the other went from New York to New Jersey and arrived days later. I just do not understand and it seems every company is using Covid as a excuse, when this has been going on for years. 

Also very annoying is being connected when calling Fedex to another country. This is a American company why are we not hiring Americans to do the job? Americans understand Americans, they understand the problems, people in other countries have no idea what Americans want or need. Fedex wants us to use Fedex, but they do not want to hire us. It just all sucks.