Akim Bryant

New York, NY -   Author Akim Bryant proudly announces the re-release of volume 1, 2nd edition (with new cover) to his debut novel trilogy, "Stuck Pages". "Stuck Pages, Vol. 1" is available now via all digital platforms, and the paperback version can be purchased via Barnes & Nobles.

In celebration of the one-year anniversary since its release, "Stuck Pages, Vol. 1: Exposing the Heart of a Heartbreaker", has been re-released with a new cover art designed by @shani.cmyk. This is a classic American love story seen through the eyes of a black-gay man (loosely based on true events in music, love and life). "Stuck Pages" is a sex-positive coming-of-age/coming-out journey of a heart-broken heartbreaker. The main character, Quincy Simmons, graduates college and gets a dream job in the music industry only to realize the life he has may not be the life he really wanted. He’s so caught up in trying to fill the hole in his heart that he can’t see the people in front of him for who they really are. "Stuck Pages" is a snapshot into the life and times of a young black-gay man, who is a hopeless romantic, in a rather hopeless place. This trilogy aims to show exactly what it means to be a black gay man in the early 2000s and remind readers that love is love, no matter who the subject is.

Stuck Pages

This is the first installment to the Stuck Pages trilogy (which is also an ode to R&B with chapter titles/themes like Spread My Wings, Is It A Crime & Full Moon). Stuck Pages, Vol. 2: The Pleasure Principle finds Quincy turning his back on relationships. Yet, he's not really aware of it. Someone is bound to get hurt and Quincy is no exception. Stuck Pages, Vol. 3: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart is about healing Quincy's own broken heart. This series represents a new chapter in Akim’s life as an author.

“Since the age of 10, I have wanted to write a novel. In fact, I started to write the opening chapter, but soon abandoned the idea. I didn't have the courage. It takes balls to put yourself and your passions on display for the world to judge. The world may not understand. Not everyone will be able to relate. The feedback could devastate how I see myself. Or, at least, these are the things that the voices in my head used to tell me. I've spent my whole life fighting those voices and instead, discovering a new voice - my voice."

If the environment is COVID-free, Akim Bryant will embark on a promotional tour in support of "Stuck Pages, Vol. 1", kicking off in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, October 4, 2020, at the 2020 Brooklyn Book Festival.


Beginning at the age of 18, Akim Bryant first interned for Perfect Pair Recording Studios in his hometown of East Orange, New Jersey. It’s where he witnessed recording sessions by hip-hop legend Naughty-By-Nature and their R&B protégé Next. During this time, Akim was attending community college before transferring to his alma mater, William Paterson University, majoring in Communication. Just months before graduation, Akim got his next internship at Music Choice. Through the years, he was promoted up to management and programmed both the R&B Hits (later known as Throwback Jamz) and R&B Soul channels, taking the latter from top-20 to a top-10 channel on the service. As a side gig, Akim started freelance-writing to exercise his voice as a writer. Writing for him had become a hobby back at the age of 15. He loved listening to the song lyrics of his favorite artists on radio so he started to write his own versions. In 2007, Akim got his first gig writing album reviews for . That same year, he became lifestyle editor for Bleu magazine. After that, Akim wrote for GIANT, The Source and The Advocate magazines. He has also done numerous in-depth interviews with artists such as Jasmine Sullivan, Tank and Evelyn Champagne King for the online portal In late 2015, Black Entertainment Television (BET) approached Akim about making a return to music programming after a brief hiatus. Akim joined the BET music programming team in February 2016 to work on the launch of the BET Soul music video channel (formerly known as VH1 Soul). Akim used the opportunity to expand his storytelling into the form of carefully-curated playlists, one hit after another.

Then, in 2018, Akim made the transition into the world of digital music streaming by accepting the role of Senior R&B Curator at Pandora Media, LLC. While continuously launching new playlists and stations, Akim's passion for writing lives on and will continue to be an outlet for his expressions of love and life. Music has helped to shape Akim's voice as a writer and now, more than ever, he's gained the courage to express that voice all over the world.
"STUCK PAGES, VOL. 1" - Available Now!

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