Jean Shafiroff On Fox & Friends

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff was featured on national TV's "Fox and Friends" to talk about how to help reduce massive food shortages at the food banks across the country . TV reporters Rob Schmitt and Carley Shimkus quizzed Ms. Shafiroff who explained why food banks were both short on funds and volunteers because of the Corornavirus pandemic. Ms. Shafiroff concluded with the following suggestions to help reduce the problem.

1. Donate money. This is the very best way to help a food pantry. You can do this by writing a check or going on a food pantry's website and using a credit card or pay pal to make a donation.

2. Donate canned food and store sealed food.

3. Volunteer your time to help out. ( if you are volunteering, do not go to work feeling sick.). Not all food pantries are taking volunteers but volunteers are done by roughly 60%.

4. Encourage others to donate and advocate on behalf of food banks.

5. Watch out for sham organizations. Do a little research on a group before you donate to them. Most food pantry's are legitimate but there are some sham organizations trying to collect money.

You can watch this great interview here.