Story By James Edstrom - Donald Trump is a disgusting man and a poor excuse for a human being. Trump refuses to help the United States Post Office with their deficit, which every president in history has done. Trump wants the Post Office to go under so people can not have mail in votes. Remember when people vote, Republicans lose.

But the sad fact is, Donald Trump has no problem mailing out Coronavirus guidelines on the United States Post Office's dime, on Americans dime. He even makes sure he takes credit for the guidelines. Here we have someone that is willing to let the United States Post Office go under so people can not vote, but he did not mail this notice out with Fedex or UPS. When you look up the word moron, you see Donald Trumps picture.

The daily lies of Donald Trump are just a horror.  I know Trump personally for over 35 years, he has always been a con man and a crook. It is never about doing the right thing, it is always about money and power. How many people died as the result of in-action of this President? How many Americans lives are changed forever because Trump disbanded the CDC and other Government agencies which are the ones to fight a pandemic?

I could go on and on about Donald Trump. From watching him push a homeless guy out of his way on a cold winter night who asked for a quarter, to a story the National Enquirer killed for Trump on Trump getting his Mexican Maid Pregnant. All true and I still wonder if he made her have a abortion or there is a Mexican Trump running around somewhere.

Donald Trump spends his days lying and lying to the American People, yet his followers are so brainwashed, they continue to support this madman. What is it going to take to make these people wake up?

We need Joe Biden more than ever before. We need to run the Republicans out of the Senate and Congress. Mitch McConnell needs to go, he has blocked progress for many years. The Republicans stand for no healthcare, no Social Security and most of all the Republicans stand for the rich and Wall Street. They do not stand for working Americans. Trump has made them all richer then ever imagined. Trump sold our national stockpile to corporations so they could make money off the Coronavirus. Trump only gave Republican states that kissed his ass the tools they needed to stop this virus. He gave New York peanuts. We had to beg, borrow and steal to get the supplies. Supplies that belong to the American people, not Donald Trump and his closet case son in law Jared Kushner.

“It would really be terrible,” Cuomo said in a news conference, adding that the state government would get $3.8 billion and New York City would get only $1.3 billion, despite having more people with Coronavirus than anywhere else in the U.S. Meanwhile Florida who kissed Trump ass is slated to get $8.3 billion when New York City was the center of the Virus. 

Election time is coming and Donald Trump will do everything in his power to stop us from voting him out.  Trump sees the writing on the wall, he will do anything to stop this election, somehow he will try and call it off. When he loses, New York is ready to arrest him and his family members as well as many Republicans. Tish James our Atty General, has a cell waiting for them all. Donald Trump's time is coming, justice will happen and this madman will spend the rest of his life in jail.