Hot Topics: Calming Coronavirus Fears

After more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S. were confirmed on Tuesday evening, the co-hosts discuss President Trump’s handling of the novel coronavirus and share what precautions they’re taking amid the outbreak.

"I'm hoping that they're going to be able to get a handle on it because people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” adds Whoopi Goldberg. “They're washing their hands, they are self-quarantining if they feel maybe they should be. I think people are starting to recognize all over the country that this is no joke.”

“There can be a fine line between what is precaution, right, what is taking precaution and what is panic. So I think a lot of it has to be decided. Yes, we're going to take precautions," says guest co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “We have affected cases, those are serious. We've had deaths, those are serious. They're not to be taken lightly at all.”

“We shouldn’t be in a state of panic because what we're doing and taking cues from our president is taking early, strong, bold actions to keep this at bay as much as we possibly can right now,” adds Hasselbeck. “We're still on the front end of this. We're on the very front end of this now, and so I feel comfortable and confident because of strong leadership and because of the advisement.”

“Where is this strong leadership?” questions Joy Behar.

“When you look at the response... from this administration, it really hasn't been good," adds Sunny Hostin. "I don't think that we’ve seen real leadership and we don’t even have real testing.” 

Courtesy Of ABC / Disney