The city would move to end its contracts with the Trump Organization under a resolution expected to be introduced Thursday by Manhattan Councilman Mark Levine.

“If New York City isn’t good enough for you to live in, then it’s not good enough for you to run businesses in. We want you out now!” the Dem said of Trump, who recently changed his legal residence from Manhattan to Palm Beach, Fla.

The non-binding resolution calls on Mayor de Blasio not to renew renew the Trump Organization’s four contracts with the city and cites a litany of grievances — from alleged constitutional violations to a recent state attorney general investigation finding Trump misused his charitable foundation.

“It’s just a matter of profound offense to most New Yorkers that our city has given four lucrative Parks (Department) concessions to the Trump Organization,” Levine said.

“The Trump Organization is a company that is deeply entangled in a criminal conspiracy and there is ample precedent for Parks concession contracts being cancelled on such grounds,” he added.

Levine’s resolution states that the Trump Organization’s contracts to run two skating rinks and a carousel at Central Park, along with the Trump Golf Links in the Bronx, mark a violation of the Constitution, which bars the president from getting money or other “emoluments” from either U.S. or foreign governments.

The resolution cites an analysis from the Constitutional Accountability Center saying, “business contracts that predate a President’s term in office that result in the President receiving profits beyond the President’s fixed income may conflict with the Domestic Emoluments Clause.”

The non-binding resolution also points to Attorney General Letitia James' successful $2 million lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and Wollman Rink Operation's $196,000 debt to the city Parks Department. 

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EDITORS NOTE: As always, Trump could care less about paying his bills. Parks department contracts help make New York City a better place. The money is used to keep our parks in pristine condition. When someone like Trump does not pay his bills we have less money to keep our parks clean and safe. But as always with Donald Trump, he just continues to live off New Yorkers, never paying his full share. He never has and never will. New York had enough of Impeached Donald Trump many years ago.  Now we are showing him the door, knowing he will be back at a new New York residence, Rikers Island.