Mathieu Spannagel With Jean Shafiroff, Hermet Koller, Franck Laverdin & Elizabeth Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Leyla Ligouri, Lindsey Feinstein And Elizabeth Shafiroff

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff hosted a first night’s preview of new works by internationally acclaimed painter, Helmut Koller at the opening of Laverdin Gallery. The party for 200 guests benefited the work of Global Strays. Art collectors, philanthropists, business mavens and socialites all came out to show their support, and to learn more about the artist and the work of Global Strays.

Loretta Swit With Helmut Koller And Jean Shafiroff

Will Marin And Ingrid Arneberg
Jean Shafiroff introduced painter Helmut Koller after speaking about the work of Global Strays, where she serves as a board member. Elizabeth Shafiroff, founder and President of Global Strays, spoke fulsomely about the charity’s work and the inspiration behind it. The Opening was a full-house with:: fashion designers Mary McFadden and Victor dE Souza, Roy Kean, international decorator Geoffrey Bradfield , NYS Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright of the 76th District, Dr. Helen D. Goldfarb, actress Loretta Swit , Carole Belladora, Edgar Batista, Ingrid Arneberg and Will Marin, Nicole Noonan and Steve Knobel, Martin Shafiroff, Odile and Michel Longchampt, Ana and Scott Stone, and many more.

Elizabeth Shafiroff And Richard Ballard

Jean Shafiroff With Franck Laverdin And Elizabeth Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff With Mary McFadden
Global Strays is an animal welfare nonprofit that supports and empowers animal rescuers worldwide; especially those rescuers with limited resources. The nonprofit supports partner organizations that rescue and raise awareness on the plight of animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. They also assist underprivileged communities in providing resources for pets, and hold free veterinarian care clinics for working horses.

The reception gave those present the opportunity to get an early look at Helmut’s new paintings and make charitable donations to Global Strays. Of his newest works Helmut said, “What I hope is that you look at one of these paintings and that it makes you feel something inside yourself.” The Gallery owner, Franck Laverdin, was happy to use his new space to support such philanthropic endeavors.

Also in attendance were Dorothea de La Houssaye of the Normandy Institute, Global Strays board members Lindsay Feinstein and Leyla Liguori , Silvia Frieser, Victor Martinez , Richard Ballard, Roric Tobin, Alex Hammer, the architect of the new Laverdin Gallery and Mark Gribler.

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Photos Courtesy Of Patrick McMullan