Bonnie Comely And Leah Lane

Zoey Aronson With Luveza Mubashar

"I'm Just Tired" is a campy exploration of the anthropomorphization of depression a.k.a. the depression monster, created by NYC based artist, Leah Lane. Chashama presented the Lane’s exhibit in May, which is National Mental Health Month. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), ten percent of all American adults will experience depression for two consecutive weeks or more at some point in their lifetime. Most of those adults reported at least some difficulty with work, home or social activities due to their depression. Removing the stigma, seeking help for depression and other forms of mental health and wellness starts with shining a light on the subject and supportive conversations.

Dimitria Daniels And Eric Kuzmuk

The Lane Family

Sam Flynn & Zoey Aronsonption
Through the use of multimedia sculpture and attributing human traits and characteristics to a fictional beast, this art installation is the culmination of several years of research and informal survey. Lane states, “Anyone experiencing mental distress has a unique depression beast of their own. Through artistic exploration of her, we have seen depression as empty alcohol bottles, greasy hair, and sweatpants-- and for some people she is exactly that. For me, she is a tyrannical infestation of pink fur, glitter, and mockery. And her name is Dee.“

Alexis Duque With Luveza Mubashar

Leah Lane Artwork

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Photos by John Sanderson/AnnieWatt.com