Jerry Nadler On Meet The Press

JERRY NADLER STATEMENT TODAY -- Even in its redacted form, the final report issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller outlines what I see as disturbing evidence that the President and his associates engaged in obstruction of justice and other serious misconduct. In my view, the Special Counsel conducted a thorough investigation, and, contrary to statements made by the Attorney General, the report concluded that there was substantial evidence that the President attempted to prevent the investigation into his campaign and his own conduct, and was willing to accept illegal information from the Russians. The Special Counsel made explicitly clear that he did not exonerate the President in any way, yet Attorney General Barr decided not to move forward on any indictments. I believe the responsibility now falls to Congress and the House Judiciary Committee to hold the President accountable for his actions.

Immediately following the release of the redacted report, I issued a subpoena to the Department of Justice for the full Mueller report and the underlying evidence consistent with past practice. Attorney General Barr has offered myself, as well as a handful of other members from both sides of the aisle, to view a less redacted version of the report in a classified setting; however, I cannot accept any proposal which leaves most of Congress, the House Judiciary Committee, and the American people in the dark. The Committee needs and is entitled to all these materials to conduct proper oversight.

In addition, I have invited Special Counsel Mueller to appear before the Committee in a public hearing no later than May 23rd. The Committee has also subpoenaed former White House Counsel Don McGahn, a critical witness to many of the instances outlined in the Special Counsel report, for testimony and documents. As a co-equal branch of government, Congress has a constitutional obligation to hold the President accountable, and these hearings will be an important part of that process.

Courtesy Of: Congressman Jerry Nadler