On Trump’s nod to women in Congress:

"I found it to be an empowering moment for women," Abby Huntsman says. "I thought it was a moment that we could all get on our feet and be so proud of how far we've come. Obviously, I think the Republican party has a lot of work to do to get women to run and to win."

"I thought they were trolling him," Sunny Hostin says. "They ran because they didn't like his policies."

"Take the moment when it comes. State of the Unions are so much a part of sort of signaling your politics in one way or another to your base of supporters," Meghan McCain says. "The feather in the cap of the wave of the Democratic congresswomen who were recently elected, 100% were in the right taking their moment last night."

On Trump's mentions about the border wall, immigration, and Russia investigation:

"Does the name Richard Nixon ring a bell? Nixon said enough with the Watergate and then less than 200 days later he was gone," Joy Behar says in response to Trump's comments about dropping investigations.

“I thought it was kind of a dark speech," Hostin says. "It seemed to be at the beginning about unity... but then it took a turn when he started talking about the wall. He wasn't really reading the room well.”

"I felt there were a lot of lies there. You started talking about undocumented immigrants and he was using that term illegal aliens. He sort of resurfaced that. People are not illegal, acts are illegal. and I think we need to start saying that more and more and more," she adds.

Meghan McCain on Pres. Trump's comments about her father:

"For me, when he’s talking about 'We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution,' you aren’t being bi-partisan mere hours earlier obsessing over people you consider your enemies. So for me, it was a Kabuki theater, virtue signal, the entire speech last night towards his base. But please don’t sit here and tell me you are grasping for bi-partisanship at this moment when Chuck Schumer’s a 'son of a bitch' and my father’s book 'bombed' and Joe Biden is 'dumb.'"

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