Romancing The Cat Burglar

Ann Arbor, MI -- Author and inspirational speaker Pamela Gossiaux’s new novel Romancing the Cat Burglar is the third book in the highly-acclaimed Russo Romantic Mystery series. Drawing details from her own stay in Paris, the City of Lights makes the perfect setting from which the author tells a story of love, lost family, and integrity. This series touches readers of many genres and entertains as well as inspires.

Pamela Gossiaux is fast becoming a major player in the realm of writing. She deserves the wards and attention that are bound to come her way!”

She doesn’t disappoint with Romancing the Cat Burglar Already gaining five-star reviews, this book jumps right into the action when Abigail’s job is suddenly on the line, and her wedding ring is stolen. Putting sightseeing on hold, the couple race to catch a thief and find out who the mysterious woman is who is shadowing them. With Abigail’s job at stake and Tony’s reputation following him, how far will they go to save each other? And what happens if you cross the line?

“Ms. Gossiaux has given us another fine story! “

Greg Jolly (Gregory French) author of the Danser novels

This inspirational, fresh book is a must-read that will leave you feeling that love overcomes all, and sometimes family really must come first.

Romancing the Cat Burglar ISBN 978-0-9987669-4-2 paperback, $14.95 or ISBN 978-0-9987669-5-9 ebook, $3.99, 2018, Tri-Cat Publishing, 235 pages, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, iBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay

About Pamela Gossiaux -- Pamela Gossiaux is a humorist, inspirational speaker, and the author of the books Good Enough, Why Is There a Lemon in My Fruit Salad? How to Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour, and A Kid at Heart, as well as the highly praised inspirational romantic mystery series which begins with Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar.

Pamela has been writing and working with writers for several decades. She has a dual BA degree from the University of Michigan in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature, and over 20 years of journalism writing experience. She teaches writing workshops and has been the editor for published books in a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, including best sellers. She has self-published a book on writing called Six Steps to Successful Publication.

An avid horse enthusiast, she enjoys being outdoors and working in her garden. She also loves chocolate and prefers to curl up with a good book in her downtime. Pamela lives in Michigan with her husband, two sons, and three cats. Visit her website at